Monday, October 12, 2009

And this lil' {H1N1} Piggy...

is hopefully not coming to our house.

To know me, is to know that I try to do everything most things as naturally as possible.
I encourage educating oneself... from both sides of the spectrum and then doing what's best for your family.  I would never force my opinion on someone else {just as I believe the gov't should NOT be given more control, but LESS in the areas of health and education... but that's another post}.

I find this topic of H1N1 very interesting.  You know, like people possibly losing their jobs for not taking the vaccine... and the like. 

I strive to focus on prevention, but when treatment is needed, I head straight to our local health stores {one of which has a naturopathic doctor} and load up!

These are things I try to keep on hand:
{some websites below automatically start playing a video, so you may want to keep your sound down/off}

Mulitvitamins from Garden of Life
Oil {Omega 3}
Ester C
Vitamin D 3 {go here for approximate recommendations}
Colloidal Silver

Ok, I'll stop now!
 Well, I can't list all the above and not mention the food issue. I work on this daily!
Sugar = NoNo.
It lowers the immune system for several hours... This includes fruit juices.
{Just skim over any posts you see of me eating cake, cookies...}

Helpful websites that I frequent:
I have learned a lot from Mercola and use his site the most!  {My Chiropractor really likes him too.}  While you may not agree with everything on his website, these articles may be helpful when weighing a more natural approach this flu season.
Article 1
Article 2
{read the interesting comment posted by the nurse on Oct 21st in article 2}
This site is new to me, but looks interesting.

Hallelujah Acres
I, personally, know people who have been healed {cancer} by eating this way.  It's baby steps for me.

Some would say that all of this was, ummmm.... a little over the top?
Well, I can only speak for myself... and let our results speak for themselves.  The best part for us has been the fact that our girls have not been to the doctor in years!  The last time was only for a check-up.

The reason I post about this, is because it's getting close to that time of year again.  Gracie has been knocked out with the flu twice within the past 2 years.  The first year, it lasted 3-4 days.  Last year, it only lasted 2 days... I'm hoping that we will escape it somehow this year! {I will be using more vit D this year.} I believe the reason it only lasted 2 days last time was because I let her body do most of the work when she got it 2 years ago.  She was able to naturally build up an immunity.  She was given nothing to lower her temperature other then a bath, comfortable clothing, lots of mommy TLC, and home remedies.  {As a mom, that is hard. Just sayin'.}

Did you know that taking things like Tylenol will lower your body's white blood cell count?  The very thing your body needs to fight the bugs.  Crazy huh?  {Click here to read more about fevers.}  I honestly can't remember the last time I've given my girls any Tylenol related product {or taken it myself for that matter}.

Having said all of that, if you have any questions or concerns,
you should absolutely consult your doctor!
I am not a doctor.
Just a mom who has to play nurse occasionally.
Let's keep it clean!
{so that was mostly for the ummm, person who did a weird google search and landed on my blog.  grrr...}

I know most people lean heavily one way or the other regarding health and it's treatments.  I only hope some of this info might be helpful for your family... as it is for mine.


I'm off to take my vit D {3} and work on a post that will tell you just how undisciplined we are in our healthy eating.  Oh, but it was fun.  Laughter is like a good medicine, right?  So, maybe it would go under the 'healthy' category.  See how I rationalize it?  ;)


  1. Thank you thank you thank you for posting this!! I have been more and more concerned about this whole H1N1 debachle. But at the same time, there's just not a lot of info....and then when a lady shows up in the nursery @ church when her husband has H1N1, my mommy radar goes crazy...
    We haven't and don't plan to vaccinate our children for a good long time {if ever}, but want to be responsible with their health at the same time...
    thank you for good answers!!

  2. Stoked to have found your blog... love this post! :-) Obviously you have learned we're very "anti" as well (and Tylenol has no place in our home!)!

  3. Amen and amen! We are on the SAME page!

    I would have to add garlic to your list of awesome things to keep on hand. It's such a powerful "killer"!!

    You go girl!


  4. So what do you know about multi-vitamins. I heard a Dr recommend taking a 'high quality' multi-vitamin. Does that mean I shouldn't take the regular over the counter ones like 'One A Day'? Should my multi-vitamins be purchased somewhere besides the grocery store?

  5. Jamie, I would just make sure you read the ingredients on your vitamins. I once read the ingredients of a family member's popular OTC multi which claimed to be good for heart health, yet it had "hydrogenated oil"... which does awful things for your heart, not to mention the rest of your body. Personally, I'm leery of most brands sold at grocery stores {especially in the form of tablets. prefer capsules}.

    We currently use Garden of Life, but I also love products by Ted Broer. {}

  6. i am so not a health nut! but this intrigues me to visit some of these sites. lily's flu only lasted 2.5 days which i thought was great...of course that was with tamiflu and lots of ibuprofen...especially the day she woke up with 104.1!!!

    off to read some of your links!


  7. I'm just hoping we can all escape these bugs and viruses this year!

  8. This is good stuff. Thanks for sharin'. This post was very helpful and insightful!

  9. Brilliant site, I hadn't come across before in my searches!
    Keep up the good work!

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