Friday, October 2, 2009

"The Moment Matters... In many ways, it's all that matters"

"No, not now."
"Maybe later."
As a mom of little ones, these are phrases of convenience when in a hurry, in the middle of a project... or just plain tired.

I was getting ready for a hurried day of housework and garage sale organizing.
{Yes, I'm still working on that.  If you'd like tips on procrastination, you know where to find me.}
The girls ask, "Can we have a pan to pour bubbles in?"
In a matter of seconds, my mind raced with thoughts of ...

I'm in a hurry
...will have to stop what I'm doing to look for the pan
pan = mess
spilled bubbles = tears 
lots of wasted bubbles


Then I remembered the words I read in a magazine and remembered,
moments matter.

So simple, yet so profound

In just a few years from now, the girls will not remember what a success the garage sale was {or anything else that was on mommy's to-do list, for that matter}.
Hopefully, they will remember that mom changed her mind {throwing the day's schedule out the window} and dug deep in the cabinets to find the perfect pan... to enjoy the moment.

That small word could have robbed us of these moments...

A sea of stuffed animal fun.

{Where's the carpet Waldo?}

Enjoying the warmth before the cold.

Moon sand.

Big Bubbles.
{Yes, Gracie is wearing different clothes.  It's a continuous fashion show in our house.}

"Look, Mom, I'm eating the lollipop."

Jasmine's always good for at least one rodeo show.
{That's what we call it when she sprints around the yard in circles.  We just move out of the way!}

The pan did leave a mess.
Bubbles did spill {much bigger than you see here}, but there were no tears.
Bubbles wasted?  I wouldn't say so.

We made moments... and that's what mattered.


  1. Look like a fun time with your girls! :) Good Stuff!

  2. Your girls are beautiful....they look JUST LIKE you!!

  3. such a sweet post! and i am so guilty of saying not now all the time, and you're right, years from now all that stuff i had to get done will not matter one bit.

  4. So true. BTW I have an award for you!

  5. those are beautiful moments. I am working on saying "yes" more than I say "no"

  6. Great post....this is so true! I have wonderful memories of these kinds of moments with my kids and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Thanks for sharing your beautiful moments with your girls! :)

  7. i am convicted about how often i put my girls off. ugh! it's awful really.

    thanks for this poignant reminder. i love your writing style...and the fact that you have two girls just like me...and i'm a homeschool wannabee!

    how far apart are they? mine are 2 yrs 9 months apart.

    i've been meaning to add you to my blogroll for a while now...i'm going to take the time to do that today!

    have a great weekend!

  8. Seeing all those stuffed animals made me laugh. I have boxes of all my old stuffed animals in the attic ~ boxES . . . as in plural! lol


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