Thursday, October 15, 2009

It {really} is a choice

It all started when I was trying to put on makeup.
Putting the mascara back together, I somehow missed the container and the applicator slide down my entire hand.  Who knew so much tar-like substance could be on that tiny little brush?

I should have known then.

My stomach was in knots.  Pain... and lots of it.
DK was out of town.
I had a million lot of things to do before leaving to pick him up and head down the bayou {aka Louisiana} to my mother-in-law's.

We had an emergency care appointment with the dentist because Gracie had a broken tooth!
One-third of her tooth was missing
and I still don't know how that happened.
A nice chunk of change later,
we had to run to Petco to pick up dog and cat food.
We get back in the car.
Start the engine.
Surely it will start the second time.
Car is not starting.

It was hot {remember DK is out of town} and
I had 2 kids and the dog in the car.
I call him anyway... he calls a friend.

The girls start to cry.
I tell them,
"Our circumstances are not going to change, but we can control how we respond to this.  So, let's choose to have a good attitude."
We take Jasmine for a walk back inside Petco.
{I assume when they say, "Pet's are always welcome", it okay to bring her in the restroom too.  When your girls have to go, they have to go.}

Gracie tries to talk me into a dwarf hamster.

Nator tries to talk me into buying her a bird...
so she can have a pet of her very own.

I'm very practical.
I tell Gracie, "You know, a hamster will die in 2-3 years."
I tell Nator, "A bird can live for many years and you will have to clean all of it's poop... AND it will move with you one day."  {She hadn't thought of that.}  We were there as an employee was cleaning the cage.  Unfortunately, we only witnessed the 'transfer' of birds after the 'less glamorous' part was done.

They still want them... or so they think.
Do they not realize that mom is taking care of 2 of 'their' pets already?

Thank God for friends!  New battery is good to go!
I make it home, having only 3 hours to finish my to-do list.
It's okay {I tell myself.  I also tell myself to ignore the tummy pains}.
I only have to finish laundry, bathe the dog, pack and load the car...
before Gracie's dance class starts!

I start my last load of laundry, take Jasmine outside and get her FULL of shampoo and it begins to pour! POUR!  It was sunny 2 seconds ago.  I go as quickly as I can, but I can't escape the rain.  I am officially drenched.  Within 30 seconds of coming inside, the rain stops. STOPS!  The sun is bright once again. What was that all about?

I manage to finish everything with a few minutes to spare.
We head to Gracie's dance class while eating our Subway sandwiches.
We will leave for Louisiana from dance.
The satellite radio and GPS are not working properly
{since the battery incident}.

After class, we run home and I grab my GPS.
I don't remember where to exit to find DK and I need it.
I didn't take time to grab any CD's, so the ride to pick up DK is very quiet.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy quiet time,
but not on a long stretch of open road.

The girls have nestled in their comfy seats,
watching a movie with their headphones on.
The only sound I hear is coming from Jasmine sitting beside me... snoring.

We make it.
DK enters the car... from a lavish hotel.  *sigh*
Remember the concert?  Yep, that's where he stayed {for work}.

We are finally all together again.
DK pushes several buttons and has the touch screen radio/GPS system working again in no time.
Our surroundings are sometimes too high-tech for this tech-challenged mama!!
{Remember this? Question #6}

It's late, but we make it to Granny's.

{Jasmine must get that glow in her eyes from all that good food from Petco, yes?}

With a smile on her face, Granny says she has had 'a day' too.
Something must be in the air??

The way I am choosing to see it...

Gracie's tooth could have been much worse and even more expensive.
If the battery was going to die, Petco was the best place for that to happen.
Thankfully, I was not even tempted to walk away with 2 extra pets.
Friends are wonderful.
When you set your mind to it, you can accomplish a lot in 3 hours.... come rain or shine.
Getting drenched will give you something to laugh about... later.
Quiet time.  I probably needed it after my whirlwind of a day.
Having a tech-savvy hubby comes in quite handy.
Landing at Granny's house is always good comfort.
She gave me something warm to sleep with for my tummy.

Now for the weekend...
I'm actually going to scrapbook!
{I know it's easier to buy the digital books. I have those too.  This is a creative outlet...  and it's something I get to do with my mother-in-law.}

But first, I'm off to the store...
Maybe they'll still have those tiny pineapples again.
If so, I'll let you know what they are this time. ;)


  1. Oh my goodness! Bless your heart. I have to say, the rain incident made me laugh!

    I had quite a morning, too! I'll post about it later. Let me just say, the name of my post will be "There is a strange man ON my undies!"


  2. wow, janet, i'm not even sure how to respond to that. ;)

  3. You're kidding! WHAT a DAY! :O

    I like that you told your girls that the circumstances don't need to dictate you probably helped you as much as it did them! You're a good mommy!

    My hubby preaches a sermon from 1 Kings about how our circumstances can either control us...or we can choose to respond correctly in obedience...THANKS For sharing your crazy day! :)


  4. What a day!! I'll take a nap for ya. :) BTW I love the colors of your pages. I am so far behind. Don't you just love the three rind binder books? Those are my favorite.

  5. What a day, but what a great choose how you respond. Happy scrapbooking, hope you get lots done.

  6. sounds like you had a horrible no good very bad day!!

    Have a great weekend scrapbooking!!

  7. What a great example you were to your girls to choose to have the right response to icky circumstances!

    Happy scrapbooking!


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