Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's {a lil'} Sappy Around Here

I told you that I would tell you where we went on our date...
and that I had another confession to make.
So... here it is.

Do the boots give it away?
Okay, I confess...
I love me some country.
I said it.
I'm not talkin' blue grass here... and not all country either.
Just like I don't care for all Christian music. {Gasp!}

This date night was country... Martina McBride style!


There's something about seeing an artist live - in concert that gives you a whole new respect for their talent.  This gurrl can sang!  {She's one pretty lady, too.} Let's just say that the studio has to do very little to embellish her voice!  My voice would not have lasted singing those notes throughout the entire concert.

I enjoyed every second of it.
{Well, except for the song, "Concrete Angel".  Such a sad song, but I understand the message she's getting across.  Made me cry and want to hug my girls.}

We were totally entertained by the grandpa sitting in front of us... especially when he ran to the front with the women during the song, "This One's For The Girls".  Whatever makes him happy. ;)

Then there was the man behind us shouting, "I love you!"
{I didn't look to see if he was sitting next to his wife.}

Then there was another grandpa down front blowing kisses at McBride whenever he thought she might be looking.  I might know a thing or two about this. {Seems one of the grandpas at the gym have taken a strong liking to me.  **Sigh**  Bless his heart.}

However, my heart is taken...
and we're coming up on our 17th anniversary.

Love you, hun!
Here's to the next 17!

We had a great time... even though we had a 3rd wheel on our date.
{Don't ask.  Our pet sitting options fell through.  Besides, she's we're all getting used to the doggy hotel.}

The hotel that I didn't get to stay at...
and where the concert was, L'Auberge.

 {We thought this was funny... as well as the lady walking by, which made DK laugh.}

So we didn't get to stay at the luxary hotel.
Complete with beds outdoor.
Next to a lazy river...


But we did enjoy a moonlit stroll.  Nice.

Did I mention that it was in the restricted area?  We're pretty sure it was for Martina's group.  It's ok... we're pretty tight now.  See?

Umm... Yes, she always glows like that.  I told you she was pretty.

{On another note, I'm so excited to share a bloggy makeover that Jackie has been working on! 
Coming soon!
Girl, you're the best!}


  1. awesome....Martina has got some serious serious pipes...I hate singing along with her in the car because she is soooo good :)

  2. I love Martina! Your right, she is beautiful!

  3. sounds like a great time!!

    I would love to see her in concert!

    can't wait to see what Jackie is doing for you...she is awesome!

  4. What a blast!

    And I can't wait to see the new blog look!

  5. i love me some country too! love your boots... i'm thinking about getting me a pair...but i know if i do...i'll be buying 4 pairs..me & the 3 girls..lol

    glad y'all have a wonderful date night


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