Thursday, September 17, 2009

Love Personified

"Mom, I care about you."
Those were the words I heard from my sleepy-eyed A-Nator as she slowly walked down the stairs this morning.

This girl personifies love.
I think she was born with the 'I love you' sign on her hand.

When I grow up I want to be like her...
She genuinely cares about the world around her.
She has a natural bend toward nurturing others.
We sometimes call her 'little mama'.
She's always thinking ahead about the needs of others...
I have to remind her that it's not her job.
Have fun being a kid.
When her sister is sick, she will put on her nurse costume from last year and immediately get into character.
She even gave Gracie a bell.  Oi.

 She cares about the earth and gets on her soapbox when she sees litter on the ground.
At least you were warned. ;)
She has many ideas... I'm sure she'll share them with you when she's president.

She truly loves family and spending time with us.
Here are a few shots from a quick Mommy/Daughter date while Gracie was in her Jazz class.

One of those moments you wish you could freeze in time.


  1. Such a sweet girl! That is wonderful!

  2. what a beautiful post, and what a beautiful girl.

  3. that is so awesome and very sweet!

  4. very beautiful. beautiful post for a beautiful girl

  5. So precious! What a beautiful girl!

  6. your photography rocks! of course it probably helps that your subject is gorgeous! ;)

  7. What a sweet, sweet post. You have done a great job, mom.

  8. Awesome photos! You are becoming quite the artist!


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