Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wilderness Adventure

Of course I had to take a pic of this worksheet before I had her correct it.
#3 especially.
And no, Gracie is not aspiring to be a nun...
just in case you were wondering.

 I think the question Gracie may have been trying to answer, was...
"Do you want to go fishing on Saturday?"
At least she was polite about it, right?

My vote is the same as hers on this adventure.
Handling fish is not my thing, but I can handle chillin' on a boat.
A cruise would be even better.
Mama is way overdue an adventure!  I'm just sayin'.

Here's a pic of my last adventure.
13 Girls @ Petsmart.
Relaxing, no?
(Okay, so that humor was for Gracie's scout leader ;)
It was actually a fun, informative field trip.

This counts as fishing... in our book.

"No, Gracie.  We are not buying a fish today.  We are not bringing home a hamster, rat (yes, she even pet the rat.  **shivers**), bird, reptile... or even the soft chinchilla." 


 Let's thank the nice man.
He can take care of all 'your' pets till you visit them again...
Here... at Petsmart.



  1. you are so funny!!! and kudos to her for being so polite!!!

    A friend of ours had a pet rat...ugh, it just grossed me out every time.

  2. I love her worksheet, so cute. Bub tries to get me to get a rat every time we go to petsmart. Although I had rats, gerbils, mice, hamster, etc when I was little they stink to high heavens so I keep telling him no. Does that make me a bad mom ;)

  3. Nun.

    That's just priceless.


    I love it!


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