Thursday, September 10, 2009

I get it right... sometimes

We got an A+ from the dentist!
(Mental note: When you are 15 min. early for an appointment, never expect to be applauded. When you are 15 late, expect to be asked to leave politely reminded by the dental assistant that you are, in fact, 15 min. late. She may or may not hold this over your head throughout your entire stay.)

I managed to get the girls to scouts and not have Gracie looking like the 80's version of Punky Brewster.

After dropping off the girls, I realized time was not on my side.
I grabbed lunch with DK and we cruised the aisles of Tarjet together on a quick romantic get-a-way grocery run.
I hurriedly packed the girl's dance gear, complete with snacks, water in stainless steel bottles, and blankets to turn the car into a dressing room... later.
We picked up Jasmine and the girls, then headed to the airport.

You guessed it.
Hubby is out of town yet again.
Sometimes it's tough being married to a 'wanted' man. ;)

It's also a bit challenging to drive through construction while trying to get your dog to be "sick" in the Tarjet bag you've had tucked away in your purse for a "just in case" situation such as this... but you get it right here too. Thankfully, the dog is in the passenger seat and not in the back seat. I suppose it's all a bit TMI? Just keepin' it real.

First dance lessons of the new year...
Arriving at the dance studio 3 minutes late, we use the blankets to cover the windows. Feet were flying in the air as two little girls were trying to figure out the combination of putting on stockings. in. the. car. This was quite a test of womanhood! I think most of us would agree.

I manage to get a healthy meal on the table for everyone. Yay me! ;)

We can't forget our girl movie and popcorn night when Dad goes out of town.
This is usually a good distraction.
We watched "Doogal"... Then Mom caught up on messages.

I promptly tucked in the paparazzi and looked for my pillow as well.
Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Shew... I'm tired just reading all that! Love your necklace by the way. Super cute!

  2. WOW, what a day! I'm tired just reading that.

  3. we'll be having our girl's movie night tomorrow since hubby will be gone for two days.

    love that necklace!

  4. Cute blog. I found you thru my neighbor...Heather of E.O.


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