Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Harassed by Paparazzi

Four reasons NOT to teach your child how to operate a video camera.

If I showed you the video Gracie made for her Daddy, you'd at least tear up. I nearly cried a bucket... as did DK when I emailed it to him. They really miss him and are counting down the days,hours, minutes till he returns from Vegas.

The last 2 nights were movie nights for us 3 gals... cuddles on the sofa, snacks, the works. Tonight, I'm getting ready to take them out to dinner... and this is the treatment I get?

A few days ago, she walks in on the same scene. I just started applying spackle concealer around the eyes. She says, "MOM, you look like Godzilla! (pause) What does Godzilla look like?"

It's all good.
Tonight was "game night". So, we had a great dinner, picked up a couple new games at Target and went home. Gracie says,
"This is the best night ever!"

Oh... and too bad Gracie didn't think to take "AFTER" pix. Yes, there were 'before' pictures too! I mean, I obviously had a lot of work to do going from "horrible" to fab! But now you'll just have to take my word on it. ;)


  1. This is hilarious :) By the way you look just fine without make-up, I on the other hand would scare people ;)

  2. Oh my goodness that Gracie is a hoot! I always enjoy your girls little videos.....they're sooo cute! :)


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