Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can't wait to get "fired up"

Our last chance to have our Mommy/Daughter(s) date
before dad comes home. Again, where is he you ask?

Vegas. Oh, and what's missing from this picture...
in front of this Wedding Chapel? Me, of course.
Funny guy, this man of mine.
Thankfully, he'll be home tomorrow before it
really gets crazy there.

I decided that we've put off this cool pottery place long enough.
The girls are about to start a new school year,
so this will be a great memento...
and sentimental, decorative piece about my kitchen cabinets. ;)

I can't wait to see how they will look after they've been
"fired up"...

A-Nator made a beach theme. Love it!

Of course, the date is not complete without a trip to...
Panera! Yummmm...
(Aunt D, Gracie just wanted you to know! ;)

Oh, what's this, Gracie?
Is this the same little girl who did this to me yesterday?

This is always a temptation for me and Gracie... Pumpkin Muffies!
A-Nator enjoys the chocolate chip muffie.

Shhhhhh... be a friend and don't tell Bob & Jillian, okay?

Oh, and don't tell them I also enjoyed a big bag of kettle corn...
while watching The Little Mermaid, Ariel's Beginning,
snuggling with my girls.

Good times...


  1. Panera Rocks!! Sassy and I love to go there. I think I need a muffie right now. :) BTW We're not getting the dog. We just have too much to deal with right now, and I can't handle anymore stress. :(

  2. Jillian called, and I didn't say a word.... Looks like you guys are having fin, but yay for Daddy getting home.

  3. Love the pottery, very cute..

    So jealous of your Panera outing I have not been there in ages.


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