Friday, August 7, 2009

My Life. In Pictures... B&W

I know I've posted this pic on my blog before, but it's really one of my faves!
Today's photo challenge is Black and White.
This is from a 'photo shoot' (again, I'm no professional)
I did with the girls at a beach in 2006...
before a hurricane disarranged everything there last year.
Some things will never be the same... baby steps.

I missed yesterday's challenge where we had to post a pic
of something we're proud of.
I know this pic of A-Nator would have been in the running.
Grab a tissue first! ;)

To see more pics, or to join in the challenge, go see
Amber @ Everything Except The Grill.

Thanks, Amber!

Now... I'm off to pick up DK from the airport.
Yee-haw ya'll!!


  1. BEAUTIFUL photo. I just love it!

  2. What a beautiful photo! I love that it caught their reflection in the sand.

  3. I hope that's in a frame's stunning!

  4. Oh I love this photo of your sweet girls at the beach! Just beautiful....great capture!

  5. I love this! I love how their shadows are reflecting off the water - AMAZING!

  6. A perfect shot.

    **Thanks so much for playing along this week. I have enjoyed all of your photos!

  7. That picture is PERFECT. I am just sitting here staring at it - it reminds me of my sister and me when we were that age. This is one of those pics that needs to be framed for sure!

  8. That is a simply stunning image of your daughters.

    I read {your story}. It's nice to meet you ... my husband and I were once full time pastors and although we loved it being released from that has been an added blessing on our journey.


  9. Wow- this is such a beautiful picture....


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