Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All in a days work...

  • Search the house for Gracie’s misplaced library book. Found it.
  • Cook breakfast. Clean kitchen.
  • Swim lessons.
  • Bath time.
  • Lunch.
  • Bring A-Nator to her scout meeting.
  • Sign up girls for summer dance lessons. Excited. The girls were on a waiting list for 1 1/2 yrs! Gracie asked me to pinch her because she thought she was dreaming! :)
  • Take advantage of a few extra minutes for a mini mother/daughter date at Smoothie King with Gracie.
  • Pick up A-Nator from her scout meeting. Learn that her next level in scouts will be working on badges you’re not quite ready for your 9 year old baby to participate in. Wipe tear because your babies are growing up.
I ask A-Nator if she'd be interested in attending Science classes over the summer. She says, "Do I hear angels talking?" She loves Science. :) Let's hope there's not a waiting list for that class!
  • Go to Library for a bead craft. We made flags with beads and safety pins.
  • Go to chiropractor appointment.
  • Go to Target to pick up groceries. Decide you are too tired to make anything creative. It’s frozen, thin-crust, Kashi pizza & salad tonight.
  • Fix & serve dinner.
  • Feed dog.
  • Watch a few minutes of “America’s Got Talent”, and realize… not so much.
  • Look for lense cap that I misplaced yesterday… still not found. Realize we need a “Lost & Found” department in our house.
  • Talk to Granny. Well, I think A-Nator shared all of her 25,000 words with Granny first. ;)
  • Take hubby up on his offer to pick up a Starbucks. It was good.
  • Give hubby a haircut. Clean floor.
  • Burn all of June’s pictures on DVD’s.
  • Check messages... apparently till the next morning.
  • Pass out.
So, this is why said I was worth at least $130,000/yr.
Anyone know when I should expect my first check? ;)


  1. "Do I hear angels singing?" that was priceless. I still remember the day we did science in scouts, She was SOOO glued to it, it was a happy happy day.

  2. Yes, as a matter of fact, I do know when you will receive your first check: When your gracious, Redeemer rewards you for living for Him! And, no, I don't mean a crown. We will all be rewarded individually, for eternity living in His Kingdom.

    Praise the LORD for good, no, GREAT mommies!

  3. Let me know when you find out about that paycheck, cause I need to pick mine up as well ;)

  4. Thin crust Kashi pizza sounds like the perfect dinner to me. And who could turn down a Starbucks delivered right to you?? :)

    What kind of dance lessons are the girls going to be taking?

    And now that you told me Gilmore Girls is cancelled, I am so sad. I had no idea!

  5. Girrrl, you should have gotten your check a long time ago!!! Kashi pizza? Wonder what that tastes like....I tried the cereal and did not like it....EW! My kids liked Science too. Me...not so much!

  6. Jackie, the girls are taking ballet/tap... It was a crazy waiting list because it's through an organization that's more affordable than most studios. Craziness, here we come! :) Keep watching the Gilmore Girls. You'll not regret it... I just wished it had at least one more season to help wrap it up better. :(

    Yep... I've been cutting hubby's hair since A-Nator was born. No worries though... I don't think I'll be taking over anyone's day job. Ha!

    I like the Kashi pizza better than the cereal myself. We like the thin crust... The down side is that I could eat the whole thing! Haha...


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