Monday, June 1, 2009

We're not above bribery

My girlie girls are not aggressive in comparison to the many boys on the soccer team, so I took advice from another soccer mom. I announced $5 for every goal they make! Dad said he would double it!

This had been Gracie's first season, but one ball to the head during practice sent her running to the sidelines and it's been hard to get her back out there ever since. I know, I know... We've had many talks about fulfilling commitments and being responsible. I was not winning this battle. This princess wants her tutu and ballet slippers back. That's her passion.

So, it was up to A-Nator to raise the funds. The last quarter... A-Nator plays goalie. She was so excited. Here she is showing off her shirt as she dashes to the goal.

We are winning 1-0. She kicks the ball (a sure point for the other team) away from the goal! Yay!! She says, "I was so proud of myself."

This is just as good as shooting a goal in our book.

Now, the only dilemma is deciding which she likes better...

The $10 or the trophy? I say, why choose when you have both??

Gracie couldn't wait to display her (first) trophy in the family room for all to see. ;)

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  1. ha! ha! that is great!

    My girl was a tomboy, so I had to always tell her to take it easy on the boys! :)

    great pictures!


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