Monday, June 1, 2009

Show me a sign

Hubby was working 2 hours away and wouldn't make it home in time for our date. We were looking forward to re-living our Sambuca experience with friends. I was disappointed, but I knew the girls would be equally disappointed. That means no sitter for them. They look forward to the breaks in our normal routine as well. I offered to take them on a Mommy/Daughter date.
2 dates for Mom & Dad, 2 weeks in a row? It's a rarity in our house. We tried.

Within minutes, this sign landed in front of me...

We ended up waiting till Daddy got home so we could visit with him before he pulled an all-nighter...

If you will indulge me, I present...

Other signs that were produced this weekend.

Gracie at her finest...

Just so it's clear, this is not a picture of her Daddy. She loves dogs... AND her Daddy. Once again, NOT her daddy. This is a white polar bear in rainbow snow... under a rainbow. Gotta love a child's imagination.

If Gracie says you're anything like Hannah Montana... Well, it's almost the same as saying, "I love you."

A-Nator at her finest...This was to her sister. Sweet.

I love this. :) Simply Sweet.


  1. wow, you have a very creative a sweet daughter!!! those treasures will be even more special in a few years! I just came on a box that had some "art work" in it...made me smile!

  2. How sweet that art is! I have boxes and boxes of it myself!


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