Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sum, Sum, Summer Time

Let the Swimming Lessons Begin!

New Friends.

Kid tested & approved.

The girls have been so excited to see that
Summer officially began on Father's Day.
Although, this is the south!
Technically, Summer only takes a few weeks off.
I have the burn from the leather carseats
on the back of my 'Mama thighs'

to prove it, I'm sure.


  1. we have been spending a lot of time by the pool lately due to the 98+ degree weather!!

    I have the burn marks on my hands from grabbing the door knob on the west side of my house!!! :)

  2. Yes, those burns do hurt. And how about metal outdoor furniture? Ouch!

  3. OUCH! I know all about the burn...

    Happy Summer!


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