Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Library... Pros & a Con

Summer Reading Club!
Of course, the prizes are great motivators.
Gracie completed her first 'big girl' book, cover-to-cover,
without any imploring from mama.
Hahhh... So proud.

Messy Crafts... done at the Library!
I've done glitter projects at home.
I probably still have glitter lingering in my carpet.
Here's A-Nator's masterpiece.

Con: Difficult crafts... that we have to take home to finish.

"Ugh!" "Mooooooooom!" "Grrrrrrrrrrr!"
Finally, the last row. She found her manners.
"Mom, would you please help me?" said with the sweetest little girl voice.
Way to stick with it, Gracie! I love your determination.
I pray you never lose that.

She hunted the house over 'till she found the perfect spot to hang it...
on her picture, of course.
Good thing it goes with the decor. ;)

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