Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Interview

What is your dad's name?
Gracie: "DK" (only she said his real name)
A-Nator: "Well, if you’re putting this on the blog, DK."

How old is your dad?
Gracie: "He is… I don’t know. (Mommy says guess) He is 40? No, wait! He’s 39!"
A-Nator: "He’s gonna turn 39 this year."

I love it when my dad...
Gracie: "loves me."
A-Nator: "loves me."

My dad likes to...
Gracie: "Have fun with us."
A-Nator: "play Mario Kart."

What color is your dad's hair?
Gracie: "Gray."
A-Nator: "Gray with a mixture of brown, I think."

What is your dad's favorite color?
Gracie: "Blue."
A-Nator: "Blue. I’m guessing dark blue is what he likes."

What is your dad's favorite thing to do around the house?
Gracie: "Have fun. Be silly."
A-Nator: "I’m guessing… love us and getting love back."

What does your dad always tell you?
Gracie: "I love you."
A-Nator: "If I lined up all the 9 yr olds in the whole wide world he would choose me."

The best thing your dad does is...
Gracie: "Hmmmm… Love our family."
A-Nator: "Love ME! And talk to me and be with me and snuggle with me. Hahhh… I love Daddy."

I make my dad happy when I...
Gracie: "be silly."
A-Nator: "make a picture for him, love him, get something for him and give him a nice big bear hug."

What is your dad's favorite tv show?
Gracie: "Come on… I don’t know. I’m guessing the Astros game."
A-Nator: "I guess he usually watches the shows that we watch. I think as long as he’s watching something, he’s okay."

If your dad could go on a trip, where would he go?
Gracie: "All over the world."
A-Nator: "He’s already going to some places that I want to go like New York and Mommy wants to go to Alaska. So, I don’t think he needs to go anywhere. And besides, he’s already gone to Seattle. Am I right?"

What is dad's favorite drink?
Gracie: "Coffee?"
A-Nator: "Tea or water or a Chai tea Latte"

What is dad's favorite thing to eat?
Gracie: "Pizza and salad."
A-Nator: "I think those baked chips that we get at Subway. I like those too, but I’m just guessing."

What does your dad like to cook?
Gracie: "Breakfast? Remember one time he cooked breakfast?"
A-Nator: "He only cooks eggs, but while we were camping he cooked breakfast alright. He grilled a chicken and corn. Mom usually makes everything else in the house… and also the eggs."

What time does your dad get up?
Gracie: "I don't know.... It takes a really long time though." (on the mornings he has 'off')
A-Nator: "Unknown."

What time does your dad go to bed?
Gracie: "After us."
A-Nator: "Also Unknown."

My dad likes to wear....
Gracie: "clothes."
A-Nator: "long sleeve shirts and jeans… or short sleeve shirts, mostly blue or green."

It makes him happy when....
Gracie: "he comes home and loves on his family and we laugh together and play games. I love my daddy."
A-Nator: "he’s around his family."

My dad likes to relax by...
Gracie: "sitting in his rocking chair and going to sleep."
A-Nator: "falling asleep on the recliner."

I love my dad because....
Gracie: "he’s silly and loveable."
A-Nator: "he loves me. He takes care of me. Sometimes he cooks for me and reads to me."

Hmmm... Who's paying the Father's Day bill? ;)

And you thought he was all business.
We announce we're going to finish the Father's day celebration at Cold Stone Creamery. This is a rare treat for us. So we hear things like, "What? You're joking with us. You're pulling our leg" from the back seat.

Gracie licked the sprinkles off before I could capture the memory, but yummy ice cream with yummy treats mixed inside was enjoyed by all!

Unfortunately, we had to end the day saying goodbye to Daddy as he was on his way to Seattle... as A-Nator said, but we will fill the week with swimming lessons, free swim, art projects at the library and our summer reading club. However, the highlight will be seeing Daddy at the end of the week.
We love you DK!!

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  1. Happy late Father's Day to DK!

    Beau was just talking to him on the phone.

    We love Cold Stone, but try to make the visits few, but I could eat there every day. Ice cream and me are like best friends.


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