Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some things Mama just can't teach

Mama tries to hula-hoop without success. Gracie was a natural from day one and A-Nator has quickly become a pro since she was given her own hoop too. The little experts attempt to give Mama some pointers.

Let’s just say that we can never seem to count above one hand before the hoop falls to my ankles.

I figured they were no longer trying to ‘teach’ Mama when…

A-Nator says, “Maybe you should have tried this when you were younger.” Then Gracie says, “I think something is wrong with your hips.” A-Nator then proceeds to suggest that the smaller hula-hoop may be more appropriate for my hips… implying that it would ‘fit’ and not fall down. :-/

Uh-hem… Do they not realize these hips gave birth to their hips?!

Well, I may not be as great (or even close to good) as this guy, but he proves age has nothing to do with it. He cracks me up...

Gracie says that I need to get video of myself hula-hooping and put it on my blog. By the time you click 'record', the hoop will be at my ankles... So, sorry you will miss out on that. If I ever get beyond counting on one hand, I'll let you know. Oh, and DK tried it too... Well, at least he tried, right?

For now, I think I may just stick with swinging it around my arm or working the ankles since that's where the hoop likes to land anyway. I'll let Bob & Jillian work on all of my unsightly bulges. The hula hoop has never been a great aspiration of mine anyway.


  1. I'm a mean hula hooper...on the wii fit. :) In real life, I stink also. Oh well.

  2. Oh cute! (on the wii fit)

    I agree, you should put a video on your blog of YOU doing hula hoop!

    Hey, how do you do that strik out a word thing on the blog?


  3. we love the wii too. it's a great confidence booster. ;)

    janet, i did a google search...

    instead of typing the entire word "strike", you can just use the letter "s".

  4. Ha! I cannot hulahoop to save my life. I guess maybe A-Nator is right - I should have started when I was younger! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, that guy is amazing! Talk about some talent and great exercise too!


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