Friday, November 12, 2010

Tis the season for a {Giveaway}

 ***Giveaway if officially closed***

The lovely folks at CSN have offered to allow me to extend to you another giveaway.  It makes my heart happy to give.  Really.

I can't say enough about this company.  They have been simply amazing to work with.  They sell everything {including the kitchen sink} from bar tables and stools to shoes.  Seriously.  And their customer service is top notch!  Personally, I could browse their website all day.  Have you seen their cookware selection?  Oh, you must take a peek!  Remember me talking about updating our girls' bedding?  What do you think Gracie would say about this set?  ;)

We also had the opportunity to review a product, as well.  The hardest part was narrowing down our search.

We finally decided to replace our Magic Bullet.  It had seen better days.  Even the best of products will cry for mercy when used as much as this kitchen gadget is in our home.  Isn't our new bullet sharp lookin'?

We load ours up with ice, Rice Dream milk,  one scoop of protein, blueberries and strawberries.  Bananas, pineapple, and mango have been tested with yummy results, too. 

It's good, y'all.  And if you're unsure as to what to make, it comes with a nifty lil' 10 second recipe book.

We drink so many smoothies throughout the year that it's worth the price for that alone.

Thank you CSN!!

Now... on with the giveaway!

What is it?  A $45.00 gift code!  Yay!  {US and Canada only} 

How do I enter??  I'm glad you asked.
  1. If you haven't already, just simply push the lil' 'Follow' button in the right hand column.  Why do this?  Good question.  Simple.  I like blessin' my peeps.  If you're my peep, just leave a comment.  This gets you 1 entry.  :)
  2. Blog about this giveaway.  Simply copy/paste this... "Looking for a new cookware set or great bar tables and stools for the den? Check out Family Team’s blog for a great $45 giveaway to CSN Stores!"  Be sure to use the 'tables and stools' link as the first link in your post.  You'll get 5 extra entries for blogging about it, so be sure to let me know!
  3. My girls will draw a name on Tuesday, November 16th! 

Good Luck!!


  1. I will never turn down a chance to get something from CSN! Great company!

  2. You know I'm you're number one fan! :)

  3. I totally just blogged about this too, so sign me up for 5 more!!! :)

  4. came over to see what Katie was wanting to share about a giveaway...thought it sounds like fun. So I became a follower. :)Yeah for meeting new people via the blog world.

  5. I'm a follower and I blogged :) I am hoping to get a magic bullet for Christmas.

  6. Already a follower:)

  7. I'm a follower and would love to win this! :)

  8. I know how you feel about the Magic Bullet, we have gone threw 3 of them. Tell the girls hi and we love y'all. AD

  9. Katie at une autre mere just thinks she's your number 1's actually me! :)

  10. Okay, so now I'm a follower. Enter me in that contest please!

  11. You know I'm already a follower, girl.

    I like my magic bullet too. We use it a lot for omelets and smoothies.

  12. I'm stopping by via my friends Katie and Londa. I've heard lots of good things about you! :)
    I'm a new follower!

  13. Thanks for the giveaway! I'm a new follower, and I'd love to win!

    eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  14. I blogged!

  15. I clicked to follow but did not comment. I hope I still get a chance to win.

  16. Do I still have time to enter? I've been away for several days. Yes. Again. lol. Please stop by and tell me what you think of all the pics on my photo blog. I value your opinion.

    Of course I'm a follower. That's how I found out about your giveaway. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  17. I follow via Google Friend Connect - Tiffypixie - Tiffypoot @ (

  18. I just became a follower of you blog...I use AO lifepacs this year, but considering SOS or Monarch next year...can I enter the giveaway...? I look forward to reading more...


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