Wednesday, December 18, 2013

{Wicked} Fun

In the midst of running the mom-taxi to theater rehearsals and performances this summer, we squeezed in a little {extra} fun with some of our theater friends, too.

It was a full day of Shrek rehearsal (I'll get to that soon) and this mama at the optometrist's office (for 3 hours, but who's counting?). Fun, yes? ;)

We headed on over to the center of the concrete jungle for some {Wicked} fun.

 photo DSC_4803copy_zps171573cb.jpg 
Unfortunately, hubs had to fly out and couldn't make the show...
 photo DSC_4817copy2_zpsb0e00d90.jpg 
so, we did the next best thing and invited one of the girls' theater friends to come along with us.

 photo DSC_4811copy_zpsdd85c1bb.jpg 
Sweet and fun. When theater friends attend a show, they might just put on a Wizard of Oz performance outside the theater for the viewing audience, of which some patrons may actually give applause. Too cute.

 photo DSC_4829_zps871b164a.jpg
 photo DSC_4830_zpsea2ba40a.jpg
 photo DSC_4824_zps5a504d40.jpg
 photo DSC_4837_zpsb56e84e0.jpg
A beautiful night with beautiful girlies.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

we survived summer 2013 {part 1}

So, how have you enjoyed my big bloggy comeback? I know. Sad. My girlies have asked me to start blogging again. Several times, actually. I need to. If nothing else, so we can look back and determine what we actually did each month. My memory fails me when it comes to the details, if I don't write. it. down. right. when. it. happens. *sigh*

In other news, I almost forgot how to navigate through Blogger, in order to write a new post. A sign it's been too long... or I'm getting too old, but that's another post. 

Much has happened this past year. Much of it taking my wit and energy (read as: my ability to put 2 cohesive sentences together in order to blog). Motherhood became more on-the-go, yet remained fulfilling. Honestly, there's no way to describe motherhood before it happens to you. Best full-time-tiring job one can ever have. Ever.

On to our summer. I feel as though I need a t-shirt that says, "I survived summer 2013." No joke. With a hubby who traveled most of the summer and 2 girls who had me running on different sides of a very large concrete jungle, I nearly became unraveled a couple of times.

Nator auditioned for a professional theater and they saw something in her as the character of Annetta Bell in their Anne of Avonlea main stage production. Here she is all dolled up in her costume. Also, this is what cloud 9 looks like.

 photo DSC_4564copy_zps47a58e8f.jpg
Backstage, there was much fun with the cast between scenes. Since there were hardly any costume changes (thankyoujesus), the kids were mostly found making crafts (rainbow loom, anyone?): jumping rope, reading books, working on creative writing, or simply chatting.

 photo DSC_5178copy_zpsc0b0b693.jpg
 photo DSC_4919_zps1a76e996.jpg
 photo DSC_4914_zpsa3e6ef04.jpg photo DSC_5180copy_zps44f7824f.jpg
Several theater friends and family (Granny & Aunt C) came to view the performance... as well as, friends we didn't get pictures with. So blessed.
 photo DSC_4933_zps80183b6c.jpg
 photo DSC_4838_zpsdcf51b86.jpg
The final goodbye at our main-stage was bitter-sweet.
 photo DSC_5194copy_zpsd9e6ff5c.jpg
 photo DSC_5203copy_zps488ce816.jpg
 photo DSC_5167copy_zpscff12e66.jpg

Then it was off to a very popular outdoor stage in our area for mic checks, in preparation for our last performance.
 photo DSC_5935_zps9cea4c41.jpg
Our director was super sweet and we were privileged to be a part of her inaugural main-stage direction. Also, backstage never looks as glamorous as you imagine. ha!
 photo DSC_5988_zps457f0c51.jpg
 photo DSC_5999_zpseb0a8211.jpg
 photo DSC_6029_zpse9df1435.jpg
Final bows are always a tad emotional. Even after 16-17 performances. Tired from the journey, but sad to see such a positive experience come to an end. 

Of course, we are always in the works for what comes next...

Soon, I'll share the other performance that coincided with this one over the summer. Never a dull moment around here, y'all. ;)