Friday, April 6, 2012

{twelve} years old


::what makes you happiest?
cuddled up inside with a thunderstorm going on - bella, my one and only lap cat, for now, on my lap - while reading a nice, good book.

::one thing you'd like to try this year?
finish crocheting my blanket and learn how to crochet a flower.

::favorite food?
mom's lasagna, sweet potato french fries, whole sweet potatoes, homemade pizza, turkey bacon, sweet cream ice cream with white chocolate chips @ marble slab, and raw almonds with 86% dark chocolate. 

::the one food you hope never to eat again?
if i could, i would choose vegetable juice. {insert much laughter from mom} 

::favorite game?
in a box: apples to apples, jr.
video: kit mystery - ds game

::favorite place?
being home is my favorite place in the world, my granny's home, and theater.

::favorite outfit?
my school uniform! {pajamas} *giggle* including my new soccer slippers!

::favorite animal?
my cat, bella.

::favorite song?
these are a few of my favorite things {sound of music}.

::favorite book?
mother-daughter book club series, american girl series, and a little princess... so far. 

::favorite thing about school?
that reading is a subject.

::what would you like to be when you grow up?
mostly a teacher, but it's always changing.  the one that stays in my head the most is teacher. 

::where in the world would you like to go?
even before we studied rome, i've always wanted to see the roman colosseum and the leaning tower of pisa.  also, washington dc - i've always wanted to see a lot of things there.  and one day, i want to go to new york.

"A daughter is, a joy bringer, a heart warmer, a memory maker; a daughter is love." ~unknown  

 Photobucket  "A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart." ~unknown


  1. When you get to New York, I do hope you will look us up!!!

    Nator, when I read about you, all I think is that I wish Texas and New Jersey were not so far apart!!!! You and Allie would be best friend. You love the same books! Allie loves sewing and knitting and crocheting and reading, too!!! Oh and Apples to Apples, Jr.--that is always Allie's choice for game night! I just wish my Allie girl were better at emailing!!

    1. i hope we get to go one day, too. *crossing fingers* ;)

  2. oh and that cake with the doll in it looks...AMAZING--I love chocolate!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! I'm with Theresa--I wish our girls could meet!

  4. Oh, your sweet Nator reminds me so much of myself when I was young -- I had the same interests :) Can I just say how much I love that her favorite place is home?! What a good job you and her papa must be doing that she feels that way!

    (P.S. Thanks so much for sticking around on my blog through my hiatus and silences... What a friend you've been! It always cheers my heart to see your comments in my inbox :)

  5. She is such a sweetie!!! "That reading is a subject." Love it. And what sweet pictures! :)

    The cake, when a little..revealing? Disturbing? hahaha!!!

    1. awe... thanks, brenda.

      the after pic of poor barbie was too funny not to include. i should have taken pix of all the girls smelling her - it was too funny! they couldn't resist the scent of cake! ha! mama forgot to wrap barbie before diving her into the cake. ;)

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday!

    May your next year be your very most magical one, yet!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Nator! :) I remember 12 like yesterday. Don't you? Time really does indeed fly by. Her interview was so very sweet. I love that her favorite place is home. You are doing a great job! :)


  8. SO sweet! Happy birthday to your beautiful girl! It's hard to see them grow up so fast, but how cool is your little girl! I'd love to be her friend! :)

  9. love this idea:) so cute. she sounds like such a sweey, mature girl!

  10. Wish I'd done this with my girls when they were younger. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  11. Happy Birthday late to your sweet girl. I LOVE her interview. It tells me so much about your lovely girl. She is so happily planted isn't she? What a wonderful thing to have given her.

    Great pictures all. I love that cake! You know, 'The Sound of Music" sounds like such a great play to do. I am going to suggest that after we get finished with Princess and the Pea!


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