Sunday, April 15, 2012

april~week 15/366 {eggs-school-cuts-dance}


after discovering what goodies the easter baskets held, 
we spent a lovely easter sunday. at home. relaxing, yes?
thankfully, hubs takes over dying eggs.
we hid coin-filled eggs indoors.


some of them were easier to find than others.
{see that sweet portrait of gracie at 4 months old? *sigh*}


bucket-heads were trending this easter.
at least in our house. 


letters of affirmation found in 10 yo's room.
warmed our hearts.

a homeschool picnic with theater friends 
that left poor nator seeing spots.
she fell and whacked her back.
so thankful for our chiropractor!

unexpected birthday gifts mailed 
from a sweet aunt, uncle and cousins.

gracie giving her history narration under covers. *giggle*

watching youtube tutorials, involving scissors.
watching the gas station being built behind our home...
fill the ground with gasoline.  *sob*


following through on the tutorial, i cut nator's hair.
no, i am not a professional.  

we have really been enjoying a relaxed history discussion time... colors have been used more.  hahhhh...


we met sweet friends for a picnic.
adult conversation is always welcome. ;)


nator, a supportive sister, tries to inform us of the woes of enduring yet another dance competition over mexican food.  believe me, we all feel the same way... well, except for gracie. ;)

still.  the show must go on...

it requires starbucks.
cake pops, hot tea, banana nut bread, and dark chocolate to get us through.
backstage, gracie pulls out a game of pictionary man.

between performances, we dodge 'things' left behind on the floor, due to the pet expo next door.  we rock at multi-tasking.

when all is said and done, we are completely depleted of all energy.  forming complete sentences might become a challenge.  so... we go home, hands full of costumes and take-out. 

life is better when you are wearing stretchy pants anyway.

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bragging parent alert {unlike all of my other posts *ehem*}: 
so many solos, yet gracie was one in a handful of kids who received an invitation to NYC.  so proud of this girlie.  it's just too bad plane tickets didn't come with the invitation. ;)


honestly, this competition was a little easier.  everything was on the same day and the room was quite large.  we weren't running into each other in the dressing room.  so important when so many divas are under one roof.  keepin' it honest, you know. ;)


dance competition.  we'll see you again next year!

psh!  who am i kidding?  gracie is already thinking up ideas for next year's performance. ;) 

i'm thinking of re-naming this blog.
"chronicles of a tired mama"
catchy, yes?


  1. Go Gracie!

    Nator's hair looks great. I cut Davan's hair this week, too, but hers was pretty much just straight across. You got fancy!

    I love the decorated eggs, too. :)

  2. Very catchy title....accurate too! Enjoy the "down time" between dance seasons ;-)

  3. I love that you cut Nator's hair and you did a great job, too! I usually cut the girls' bangs, but that is about as handy as I get ;-)

    I was upset that our neighbors are putting in an inground pool NEXT TO OUR BEDROOM window--I can only imagine the late night shouts we will hear! I can't even imagine what I would feel if a gas station was going in! I will pray it will all be ok!

  4. Great weekly post. I love the bucket heads! ;)

    Love Nator's shield. Keilee's looked very similar to that! Except with a drama mask also.

    LOVE Nator's hair. Impressed much.

    So awesome about Gracie's NYC invitation. Keilee was so excited for her! Love all the dance photos.

    Get some rest Mama!

  5. Lovely pictures! And accurate title idea. ; )

    So are you all finished with dance competitions for this year?

  6. Nator looks so grown up with that hair cut! Love it!!

    Have a lovely week!

  7. I love Nator's hair! I'm going to cut my own hair at some point (got the idea from another youtube video) - & then if it looks terrible I'll just take my hairdresser a picture of Nator's hair so she can fix it :)

    Congrats to Gracie - I'm glad she's good at something she loves.

  8. Is it just me or is Gracie looking awfully grown up in those dance photos? I think she is looking like her mama :) Nator's hair is amazing! Want to come do mine next? :)

  9. Miss Grace looks so much like her mama : )


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