Tuesday, March 27, 2012

march~week 11-12/366 {catching up-instagram edition}

hello.  remember me?  hmama here.  things have been a tad busy here these past two weeks.  if it weren't for instagram, i'd have no bloggy post to speak of.  let's catch up - shall we?


we made a roadtrip to the beach to help the sea turtles.
did i mention it was raining?  that should double our community service time, right? ;)

doll play... on the go.

learning.  the fleur de lis.  when you come from who dat nation, this is a must, you know.  and please don't get me started on the crazy media frenzy surrounding the saints.  i might just go on a tirade.  ugh.

was trying to decide if sonlight curriculum takes american girl debit cards? hmmm... ;)

juicing.  going strong & loving it!
we introduced the girls to it.  it was mostly fruit. i thought they'd need a soft introduction, even though i don't recommend fruit juicing. 

i might recommend starting with something more bitter, like hubs and i did. that way, everything else is uphill. ha!


i'm continuing to pass along my slight ocd germ cleanliness routine to my children - when it comes to public restrooms, that is.  as a mom, i've made 9,862,800,742 trips with my girls.  *shivers*  give or take a few.

and also, important sibling conversations happen in the toilet paper aisle at tarjet.

we have a younger pic of gracie sporting a ball of a baby bump.  should go hunt for that.  her comedic side helps balance out her spicy side. ;)

juicing.  have i mentioned it?  you should hurry over to watch hungry for a change.  (free online till march 31st) great info!


road-trip!  we were off to meet granny and deliver the kiddos.
why, you ask?  so mama could catch up on soaps and eat bon-bons?  excuse me while i laugh uncontrollably.... 

okay.  i'm back.
this trip was about girlie room makeovers.
a nice way of saying that mama needed to go through things without said girlies pleading to keep every piece of fuzz mama threatened to throw in the trash.

let's just say that it was turning into an episode of hoarders.  i wish i were joking.


some of it was not so bad.  finding treasures.  a mask. a priceless journal page. old photos.  a dirty sock bagged with cross-stitching. wait, huh?  born in a barn, i tell you.

meanwhile, the girls were livin' it up at granny's house.  eating some junk-food and getting completely spoiled.  next time, i get to stay at granny's house, while the kiddos re-do something in the house.  sounds good, yes? ;)   oh, and i'll be sure to facetime them every 5 minutes, hoping to catch a glimpse of their hard work. *ehem*


at least they shared pictures of their ice cream.  
sweet, yes? ;)
daddy and i worked our fingers to the bone.  around the clock.  we totally underestimated the time this project would take.

i tormented them with sneak peeks of things that would be going into their rooms. i'd convinced gracie her room might be orange.  i had to have some fun. you know, other than playing in paint.  i'm still trying to rid myself of these calloused man-hands.  trying to uncover what's left of these feminine hands.

our printstagram photo arrived!  woot!   next time, i shall order pix in book form.  recommend any companies?


jazzy was my shopping partner and paint companion.  watching me work made her tired.

the girls have shared a furniture set of mine from when i was a little girl.  i gave it a face-lift.  also painted a toy-chest my step-dad made when gracie was born.  finally putting it to good use. 

hmama totally rocked the paint smeared pants on a few errands.  she was too tired and sore to care what others thought of this.  at least i didn't pair it with red suspenders.  just sayin'.  

and just when we were trying to really down-play santa... guess who the girls met?  *sigh*

up till 3:30 a.m. the night before {without one single date-night to speak of}, we hit the road early to make the 10+ hour round trip to pick up the girls. couldn't remember the last time i'd been this sleepy, tired, sore... plain old exhausted.

back to our regularly scheduled routine.  ready or not.  we are trying to recover.  i think i heard my hands and feet cry.  yes, that sore.  i'll stop whining now.

pix of the room re-dos are coming soon. we all pretty much love them. ;)


  1. Would love to hear more about the juicing- are you brave in mixing up all sorts of fun stuff? ;)

  2. oh yes... I remember you! lol :) loved all the great pics of your busy life!

  3. NO! How can you leave us without pictures of the rooms?

    I have to get rid of stuff in Sweetheart's room tomorrow. Husband's orders. Actually he said she had to but we all know that means I have to right? He might not know that, but I do.

    The juicing. Sweetheart remembered she is going to a "healthy house". "Will I have to snack on broccoli?" (Which we were having at that very moment with our supper.) "Yes." :)

  4. Oy, I don't wanna think of doing a make over for my kids' room. It would probably be a much watched episode of hoarders and one where people would laugh and point at the things my kids kept around. :)

    Glad you were productive, I feel for ya though. :)

  5. I have not heard of that video. I loved Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which led us to buy our juicer. My favorite is carrot, celery, apply and sometimes I toss in a small beet. My girls will drink the green smoothies but having grown up on "juice" out of a container, they are not making the transition to real juice smoothly. Do you have any advice???

  6. Well, you are my hero. I love the pictures and and can't wait to see all the work you did. I must look into this instagram thing you speak of. Juicing hmmmm...

    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. SO agree with how much easier it is to clean without girlies. Whenever Keilee leaves I rush into her room and throw away like crazy. She NEVER misses most things. Can't wait to see the room makeovers.

    I am off to check out "Hungry For a Change". Did Sonlight accept AG Debit card? Wouldn't that be nice? :)

  8. I think I heard your feet, legs, and man-hands cry all the way here in Michigan. Serious! You did good, mama. I bet the girls appreciated every single callous on your hand. :)

    Also, I may love my Detroit Lions (ahem... I really do) but I'm a huge fan of the Saints, too. Yup. There I said it. I was sad when ya'll kicked our booties, but I was happy to not feel conflicted about my love for Brees after the game. If only they went all the way, right? It will be our turn next year though. Get ready to rumble! lol!


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