Wednesday, February 22, 2012

feb~week 7/366 {be my valenine}

when events of the day leave one's head whirling, one blogs about the previous week for distraction.  it's for sanity, really.  

it's been a rough day.  life throwin' you a big ol' curve-ball kind of day.  no bueno.  wednesday has to be better. technically, it is wednesday now.  howdy, wednesday.  please be nice to me.

without further ado, i give you week 6...

we made it home from dance competition.  in one piece.  but it required a couple days to recover.  before home, we stopped at whole foods market.  essential oils always lure me in.  take a gander at this "road rage relief."  funny, eh?  however, the lavender gets me every time. hahhhhh...


we made valentine boxes for our homeschool skate party. 
tip: paint brushes could possibly double as drum-sticks.

unlike their mama, in the days of her youth, the girls are not skaters.  nator aspires to be, one day.  gracie simply tolerated the skates for 2 minutes before taking them off.  

we are in the season of dance competition and music recital y'all.  can't go messin' that up, you know.

mama was given this look until they came off...
Photobucket sweet, yes?  but all is better when skates are off and friends are in tow.


a tea party for all...
all american girl dolls, that is.  plus two.

i just noticed that the 'baby' pictures of my babies are shown in this pic.  right there... behind the dolls. {excuse me while a grab another tissue}

our new traditional valentine's dinner.  at home.
two years... and going strong. 

shopping for last minute decor.
gifts: this year... birthstone barbies for the girlies.
assigned seating.  heart straws.  gettin' fancy. hand-made decorations. 
gangsta necklace... complete with twinkle light.  like i said... fancy.  if you turn the light on, you must be kissed.  it's some sort of mistletoe rule, according to gracie.

flowers. chocolate cake. dancin'. candles. music. lasagna.

we're lovin' this new family tradition.  
do you have any family valentine traditions? 


  1. We have a valentine fairy that frequents our home leaving cards and candy and decorations everywhere. She has been coming for many years.......we love her.

  2. You know that picture of Gracie giving you "the look" at the skate party looks an awful lot like YOU. Cute! Love your Valentine's tradition :)

  3. we had a wonderful valentines night at home.. tablecloth on the table... lit candles, and cheap chinese food... you cant go wrong with seseme chicken and egg rolls right! But yes, it was fun and we enjoyed it immensely! sweet times!

  4. LOVE the tea party! so cute!

  5. We Stay in for Valentines too :)

    I need some of that road rage relief ;)

  6. i love my solo pics that u put on there
    Gracie :D


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