Sunday, May 22, 2011

team work

we picked hubs up from the airport on friday... sandwiched between gracie's hip hop class and preparing for a garage sale.

i know.  i never thought i'd have another one.  it turns out when you procrastinate long enough... well, eventually you'll end up with too much to haul to the salvation army.  no worries, though.  my mom-wagon is loaded with left-overs for the cause.

where was i again?  oh... yes, hubs.

he keeps quite the schedule.  i know that i was not built for his schedule.  i do well to keep up with the one i have.  and although we gals like to do things, we long for the stay-at-home days the most...

most days.


hubs.  he was taking a business call at midnight last night.  my heart doesn't skip a beat with middle-of-the-night calls anymore since he's been in this line of work.  it's just par for the course.  tech-savvy jobs are always on call.

don't get me wrong.  having a tech-savvy husband has its perks, too.  i know who to call if there's a glitch.  he's usually great about not making me feel completely silly if the solution was something obvious.  umm... to him, that is.  ;)


i've informed him that he's in charge of teaching gracie's guitar lessons and all computer courses.  you know, since i'm in charge of teaching them how to read, write, solve equations, learn from history, the function of dendrites, and the everyday daily grind. ;)

he works hard, but squeezes in quality time as best he can.  like here.  he taught gracie the g chord before leaving out of town.  she was oh-so-proud to show nator and me all week.  sweet girl.

we are all looking forward to the next lesson.  you know... another chord.  ehem.


just excuse the glowing bella eyes and piles of mess.  soak in the tender moment instead.

we do sort of a tag-team garage sale.  mama organizes and prices.  dad works the sale.  he's much better at saying good-bye to our things.  they're just things, i know.   hubs has to remind me that we're not selling the memories.  see?  he's much better at this.

i love having him home.

not only did he get to help with a garage sale...

he got to kill a bug, too.


life is good.


  1. ha-I got 'another chord' reference : ) I have a daughter who plays guitar. She plays really well actually. She also plays the violin and I will say listening to a beginnier guitarist was less painful than listening to a beginner vioiinist. Wow-that one takes practice!

    The guitar is a handy skill to have-my daughter led Young Life music all thru college. There are so many opportunities to play, unlike the violin which is beautiful but not all that mainstream.

    My hubs jokes that when he retires he will take up the guitar full time : )

  2. We have had a few garage sales and I always moan and complain until the day of and then the who family has such a great time we want to do it again!

  3. We had a yard sale also this weekend...2 days, 2 customers and I made $1. Last yard sale...EVER! Such an epic fail.

    I am the seller, my hubs can't say goodbye at all. I wish I would have thought to tell him we are selling the stuff not the memories...but since the stuff didn't sale, I will tell him we are giving away the stuff...not the memories.

  4. I just realized blogger cut off the edge of my photo, as usual. So... You can't see Bella's glowing cat eyes. :)

    I agree, Joyce. I've heard the violin can be a tad uncomfortable on the ears till it's polished. ;) eeek! The guitar really isn't bad. The piano wasn't painful either. $1, Patrice?! Bless your heart! Yep... I'm gonna have to get more diligent about making more trips to the salvation army.

  5. We've only had one garage sale, I keep stockpiling stuff for another and then we get a notice for Lupus or the Veterans that are coming around picking stuff up and I pile it up by the garage to be collected.

    I have such a hard time parting with it all too. Jason laughs that I actually have plastic bins for the really special stuff I can't part with--some baby clothes, blankets, toys, etc.

    I think it's great that he is teaching Gracie guitar! My girls want to learn too (they say they want to be like Taylor Swift!)

    We love the at-home days too. I don't do well having a ton of things scheduled. I spent 5 years feeling badly about it, but this year I have come to terms with the fact that when I have things I have to get to, I am not as effective with schooling, because one eye is on the clock and I am thinking, "Should we start this? We have to leave in an hour, we have to get ready, blah, blah, blah...."

  6. love these pictures!!!

    you are so funny...I can just hear in my minds eye you listening to one chord all week.....maybe because I have been there before! ha! I love seeing kids play music for sure!

  7. I searched EVERYWHERE for glowing eyes!! :)

    Love the guitar pics. And I hate, hate, hate having garage sales. Every one I have I promise myself is the last. Glad you got yours done!

    I hate when we have tons of stuff to do too. When did I get so stay at home?? I think about the time I started HSing. I love having a day stretched out in front of us with nowhere to be! Bliss

  8. I have done one garage sale and I hated it. We made $50.00 bucks but all the work put into it and then to have to haul most of the stuff off anyway was not worth it.

    LOL at Patrice's comment. Yep my brother,her hubs, does not let go of things easily ;)

  9. so jealous your hubs kills bugs. Mine keeps them and plays with them. LOL

  10. Every single time I have a garage sale I say it is the LAST one ever. I had one last Saturday, and I'm never having another one. For real!

    Hoping another chord is added to the repertoire soon ;)

  11. Techy savvy hubs are great... especially music teaching and bug killing ones... lol! Our families would get along well... well... except my boy would be disappointed there are no boys! ha ha! ;)


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