Thursday, April 21, 2011

time off

gracie was asking to play outside in the lil' pool before i could gather the energy to get out of bed.  i told her that when her school-work was finished, she could.  before dance lessons.

at lightening speed, she bolted.  the next time i saw her, she said in the sweetest lil' voice, "mom, i did my math, flash cards, grammar, reading, spelling, brain pop paragraph, and i watched a brain pop in history and one in science because i didn't think you wanted to read out loud today."

she was thoughtful of mommy's sore throat.

i love that kid.

nator had already finished 2 math lessons.


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i gave myself permission to park outside with the girls, or inside on the sofa.  although...


the scenery was much better outside.

four hours, outside in the sun, gives one a new perspective.

hugs to you and yours...

{*if you read the earlier version of this post, i apologize for the edit. i didn't want to give the impression that i needed a.... ummmm... pep-talk? i'm okay. really. just feelin' a bit run-down between hubs' work schedule and life in general. thanks for the sweet comments.} ;)


  1. Oh H-Mama! I do hope you have a restful, fun-filled three day weekend with your hubs and family:) You SO deserve it! Being a mom is sometimes overwhelming, but your girls and hubs is mighty lucky to have such a person as yourself!

  2. I'm glad you were able to soak up some sun and encouragement. I'm sorry you've been not feeling the greatest. I hope your weekend is a good one.

  3. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. It's moments like these you are probably glad your girls are a little older and so capable. AND thoughtful. Does a mama heart good.

  4. Sorry that was my husband's google account!

  5. So I have a different thought process on this post- sorry! Do the girls have that much independent work every day and do you check all their work? We are moving towards a little bit more independence and I just am or sure how it works! Do they just know to do the next page or do you give them assignments? Also what is a brainpop paragraph?? Also are you happy with the BP videos and their worldview or do you do a lot of conversation along with them--- I have never watched one?

    I gave myself a teacher inservice yesterday- we all need a break sometimes!

  6. Somehow I guess I missed the 'pep talk' post : ) I love the blog world though...if you so much as hint at a bad day you get loads of encouragement.

    Hope you're feeling better and you have a happy Easter! My chicks arrived home last night and I loved waking up this morning knowing they are right down the hall!

  7. uhm. can we come over and play in your sunshine?? we have nothin' but cold and rain here this easter weekend :(

  8. I love your photos!!

    I have to check out brain pop!!


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