Wednesday, March 30, 2011

things that make {this} eleven year old

She starts with gluten-free pancakes and organic eggs.
When in season, fresh, organic strawberries are the perfect compliment.
Sometimes, books or legos beckon before she exits her room...
but they are no match when the smell of turkey bacon hits the air.

Her perfect day would be described as...
"sitting on the beach, under an umbrella, listening to the waves, reading a book, with Bella in her lap."  *giggle*

Or "snuggled in Daddy's recliner, next to a fireplace, with Bella, book and blanket."

Other things that make this lil' lady...

American Girl dolls, bistro, book series {including mysteries}, paper-dolls, clothes, and accessories.
The Sound of Music.
The smell of lavender.  


Hazel eyes.  One half brown.
Brain POP.
Peas, tostadas, and lasagna.
Browsing book stores.


Belle's library.
Abraham Lincoln.
S'mores and cheesecake.
Birthdays celebrations.


Smoothie King dates.
Penguins and Owls.
Almost any bird will do.
60 and 70 degree temperatures.
Dark chocolate and raw almonds.


Tap class.
Little Women.
Fancy dresses people used to wear.
History and Science.
"Can I have a hug?"
And lots of them.
Space in general.
Cats.  Especially Bella.  And her cute meow.
But purple cats would be 'plain creepy'.


Fetch with Ruff Ruffman.
Time with Granny.
Girl movie nights.
Tangled.  The movie.
Phineas and Ferb.
Sleeping with Mommy.
Playing in the water-hose.
Uniform of pj's.
Kissing your mom whenever you like.


And last but not least...
No school on your birthday.

Oh... and she has a few dislikes, as well:  baby pink, justin bieber, cherries, blueberries, blackberries, unhealthy things {they taste so good but in my mind, i know they're gonna make me sick}, bella throwup, guns, camping {without electicity}, harry potter, bella's meow at 5:00 am outside bedroom door, hip-hop, the noise my sister makes with your throat, waking up early for gracie's dance competitions...

Her eleventh March twenty-nine was filled with books, paper-dolls, legos, Ruthie, a smoothie, and movies {Tinkerbell, Up, Little Women, and Wall-E} echoing in the background during play.  Just as she requested.  A perfect 11 year old birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday to Nator:) I believe if I were 20 yrs. younger, me and Nator would be best of friends;)

  2. Isn't it wonderful how the Lord knit together even their little personalities before they were even born?

  3. What a sweet girlie. Glad she had a great birthday.

  4. Can I tell you how much I LOVE this post? Just LOVE it! I want to do one for my girls (my blog is really all for them mostly anyway so they can look back & read about this time in our lives).

    I love everything you said about Nator!

    I hope someday our girls can meet--my girls LOVE American Girl! (They make rooms and film room tours for youtube--have your girls seen the AG youtube crafts, room tours, etc.? My girls spend HOURS creating stuff because of watching those videos--but there are some creepsters that have AG blogs.) My 11 yo LOVES animals and books and reading and little women and old fashioned stuff and science too.

    Oh and my best friend since birth, Lauren has a half brown eye too! I never met anyone else with that!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your 11 year old. Looks like a lot of fun. :)

  6. My kind of girl.

    Happy Birthday, Nator!

    Love the pics of the two of you together!

  7. What a very sweet post this was in honor of your special girl! And I think you're a great mom for helping her have that kind of day on her birthday!

  8. She's gonna love looking back on herself throught the eyes of this post one day. Great job recording it all mom!

  9. Super sweet post! I love it! Sounds like she had a happy day : )

  10. What a nice post! Happy Birthday to your daughter. She's adorable. Glad she enjoyed her birthday.

  11. Love this post too! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  12. Sounds like a pretty perfect day to me too. Fun!

  13. Love this! I forgot how wonderful it was to be eleven! :)

  14. A says: Good call on not liking Justin Bieber. I love cheesecake and Little Women and books too!! You are so lucky that you have Ruthie and your sister has Kit! Oh and I love cheesecake & s'mores too!!!! Oh and Abraham Lincoln!!!


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