Monday, January 17, 2011

a day in the life

One thing that I love about my life is that each day is like a box of chocolates.  You just never know what you're gonna get.  I prefer the good chocolate days.  Just wanted to put that out there.

One day, you can find us window shopping at Target.  Dreaming of things we'd like to buy, instead of the things we actually need to buy.


One day, you will find us on a long voyage at the Space Center.


Painting canvas.


{you can find that tutorial here}

Or maybe you'll find me changing the litter box... or catching a mouse.

No pictures, please.

It's never a dull moment around here.

Today, I'm choosing to see the blessing in my day.  It started rough, taking hubs to the airport, and returning home before the sun ever made an appearance.  Goodbyes are hard.  And sometimes a tear or two are shed.

Thankfully, he made it there safely, and we had a chance to catch up on rest when we returned home. ;) 

And thankfully, the mice know better than to come indoors.  {If not, I can introduce you to Bella and Jasmine.  They would be more than eager to meet your acquaintance.}

Our goal was to create a video vlog {of sorts} of our week, but we just edited our car ride today.   Now that I think of it, it's really not all that exciting.  Don't feel obligated to click.  Really.

I sound tired.  I am.  And this is not the most flattering angle.  Really.  But I'm too tired to care. 


Oh... and some have asked about my decision to eat meat again after a year of going vegetarian. {if salmon doesn't count. ha!}  Have you ever seen Food Inc??  It was one of the many reasons I chose to go vegetarian to begin with... as well as a lot of other health research. 

But here lately, I've been reading a lot of Mercola's articles that argue that a complete vegetarian lifestyle is not best for everyone.  So... I figure if I add some meat occasionally {preferable organic... they have to treat the animals better, right?}, I'll be covering all my bases.

Have you ever gone vegetarian?  Have you ever gotten a ticket in a school zone?  Has a police officer ever spoken to you from his car on his megaphone thingy?  Do you bring your dog everywhere too? Does your dog have anxiety issues when left at home alone, like mine?  Do you have movie nights with friends or family when one of your peeps are out of town? 

The girls and I do...  I'm being summoned now.


Do you always politely cover your mouth when you yawn?  Are you yawning now, due to all of my *yawning*?


  1. I love following your blog. Your family is so adorable. :) Oh and I couldn't resist watching the video. ;)

  2. I watched : ) First-love your sunglasses! I'm in the market for a new pair. Also, we used to have a 55 gallon salt water tank...some fish do have personality. That being said, we still eat them : )

    I've never had a ticket in a school zone but I have had my share of speeding tix.

    My dog loves to ride in the car. She does not care about the destination, she only cares about the fact that she is not left home alone.

    Um, just did you film that while driving?

  3. Um I totally had to watch the video! That was hilarious! thanks for the early morning smile. And no fish dont have personalities! you are good. I went vegetarian for a few years from age 16- age 20, the first time I ate meat was when I was pregnant with Kaitlin and I knew my body was craving something (you know like IRON)-- so my mom went to PERRY's meat market and got their meat (we didnt know nothing about organic back then---we just assumed Perry's had really good meat) and made me a hamburger... it tasted so good! It took me a long time to do the simple drive through Wendy's or Mickey D's! But I obviously made it there..... oh the pounds I wouldnt have on me if I hadnt!!! :)

  4. Those aprons are super cute. The vlog is cute. I can see why Jasmine has anxiety issues when left at home. She clearly loves riding up front watching everything. She is so attentive. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  5. I've been a vegetarian for about a year and a half now (well...technically a pescatarian...I still eat seafood). Thanks for sharing those links, I hadn't stumbled across them!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  6. oh i love the video...i relate to that car ride. :) i have gone pescatarian before, and it didnt last long. i wish it had! i felt so good, why can't i just do it for good??? i'm gonna check out the site you visited and maybe get some inspiration. have a nice day girls!

  7. What a fun post! I enjoyed the video too! I'm visiting you from the Hip Homeschool Hop!!

  8. Your daughters are super CUTE! I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your sweet family. I also enjoyed the vlog....not brave enough myself to do that, but maybe another day! Have a great one!

  9. You are just killing me today! Too funny, loved this post!

    Have you ever gone vegetarian? Yes, for 3 years for medical reasons. The medical problems resolved and the meat strike was over! Have you ever gotten a ticket in a school zone? No...I don't hang out near them. :) Has a police officer ever spoken to you from his car on his megaphone thingy? No. Do you bring your dog everywhere too? No, our dogs are mammoth and excessively hairly, neither of which are a car friendly experience. Does your dog have anxiety issues when left at home alone, like mine? No. My one dog actually throws up out of anxiety in the car. :/ Do you have movie nights with friends or family when one of your peeps are out of town? No. I hate going to the movie theatre. Hubby and I rent movies and watch them at home, but I do not go to theatres.

  10. The crafts are fantastic. Makes me want to get out of this office & do something creative. :)

  11. I totally want to watch those videos... but if I do my sleeping pooch who can't be left home alone (wink) will wake up and bark and scare my sick sleeping hubby on the other couch... =) whew... ok.. anyway... your hubby is in WA? the one above Oregon?? thats my turf! anyway...

    Glad you answered the vegetarian question... I am currently going gluten free & mostly dairy free (only don't ask what I had for dinner BAD me) anyway... just for a trial ... some folks that go gluten free go vegetarian too... so I was wondering why you went back to meat! ;) I eat very little meat compared to many... but I can't live completely without it... *sigh* and I LOVE organic meats... they even taste better!

    yep... my dog goes everywhere... he loves his people!! *sigh* and yep... we have sleepovers in mommy's room when daddy is gone (I hate being alone now) ha ha... and I forget the other question ;)

    have a great week... I am going to try to remember to come back tomorrow and watch your videos! ;)

  12. haha! the girls are a hoot!

    yes, I have gone vegetarian several times. the longest was a little over 2 years.

    now, i do it off and on. And like you Food Inc! was my reason for going off chicken (again) a while back. Emma Grace and her chicken nuggets. The girls were telling David she doesn't eat meat...i can't remember which one, yelled out but she likes chicken nuggets!

    We were riding in a school zone one time, ahem, i was going over the speed limit, a cop pulled up beside me, had me roll down the window, and talked to me WHILE we were driving down the road. (told me i needed to slow down) I'm just glad he didn't pull me over teehee


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