Thursday, November 4, 2010

Suburbia Met Country

After a day of visiting the beach and Galveston's Seawolf Park last weekend, it was time to pick up our furry family member from the sitter's house. 

Not the horse.  The dog.  Gracie wants a horse. 

One cat and one dog prove to be my limit.


Although, I could be {and have been} a sucker for an abandoned animal in need of a good home.  This horse would not be one of our animal rescue stories.  'Vegas' is well taken care of by his owner, our dog sitter.

But Gracie was allowed to feed Vegas treats;  Nator opted out.  I can't say that I blame her.  Large animals {and some small} intimidate me.

He's a beauty.

You couldn't wipe the grin off of Gracie's face.  Unfortunately, he has never been ridden... and I wasn't about to volunteer Gracie to be his first.

The girls fed the egg laying chickens... and held the {soon to be} 'meat' chicks.

Nator held the black one.  She convinced herself that people certainly wouldn't eat the black one.

Right, Mom?  Ummm... Maybe not, Nator.

It helps us sleep at night.

They're cute, yes?   I was tempted to try the farm life.

For a moment.

When handing this chick back, it may or may not have fallen.  If this happened, the bird was indeed okay and happy to rejoin its siblings under the warmer.

Did you know that there really are green eggs?  {of course, you did}  And that truly fresh eggs have thicker whites compared to the runny store bought eggs?  And that store bought eggs are at least 30 days old?  And the white eggs come from younger chicks?  And although you will be reassured that hens really don't mind, they won't seem pleased to have their eggs taken?  And that p*op will cause you to rethink any temptation to adopt the farm life?  And storing eggs, narrow end down, will help them stay fresh longer?  Whew.

Interesting, yes?

Do you... or have you ever been tempted to adopt {even a small part of} the animal farm life?

Crazy, I know.


  1. We want the farm life sooooo bad over here. If we could, we'd sell our house and buy a house, on lots of property, and buy Sassy a horse and a dog and me some chickens. That would the perfect life for us.

  2. Well, I often say that it would would save much of the $$$$$ if we could just buy the cow, but the p*op would just make me ba*f my guts out.

  3. My grandparents had a farm. That is the best way to experience farm life.

  4. I grew up on an acreage next to my grandparent's farm, and sometimes (not often) I miss the fresh eggs, fresh chicken (it really is so much better), fresh beef, and fresh milk (straining it super grossed me out though!). Growing up, I always promised my mom I would never be a country girl again. I'm stickin' with it! I <3 suburbia!

  5. My dad was a farm boy from south Tx. He wanted to be a pig farmer in Iowa, but his brother talked him out of it. I can't imagine being a farm girl...I have a good friend who it, but it's not for siree.

  6. Farm or beach? I think I am going with beach. My grandparents were farmers so I got a taste as a kid. Some of the p*op issues are quite gross.
    Gracie looks like she is in heaven with the horse! And her braids are so long!!!

  7. I think it would be so hard to get to know the chicken and then eat it! I'm with her:)

  8. Just give me a buyer for my house, and I'm there!!


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