Monday, November 22, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 47

What a busy week!  Although we're still going through the motions, I'm still in denial that the holidays are here.  The calendar is clearly not sympathetic to my denial and refuses to slow down.

Here's a lil' peek into our week...

We started our week building our gingerbread house{s}.  It truly takes a village.   Amen.

While Gracie had dance competition practice, hubs took the opportunity to bring Nator skating. 

In search of a 20x40 frame {no luck. sigh.}, Nator was excited to see an Edgar Degas painting in one of the frames. :)

Between piano and theater practice, I took the girls window shopping at Toys R Us to work on their Christmas wish lists.  And what a list they made!

Oh yummy goodness.  {Crustless} Pumpkin pie time!!  :)

Nator was so excited to help.  She's becoming a pro at crackin' those eggs.   I think we made 3 'pies' this week!

 I remember eating soup {chicken noodle here} and dipping toasted {grilled cheese} sandwiches in it when I was little... so I wanted to create those memories for the girls, too.  Yum. my. 

Sweet moments shared with my lil' Gracie at breakfast.

While Nator helped with pumpkin pie, Gracie helped Mom make a lasagna to bring to our homeschool Thanksgiving lunch.  We know it's not traditional, but kids love it. ;)  

Taking a moment before we pull out the driveway.  

The girls were so sweet to help a couple of moms having younger kids going through the serving line at the Thanksgiving lunch.  The kids listened to the story of the first Thanksgiving from a 'pilgrim lady', then had time to play.  They had so much fun.

 Play date with a friend.   They each had a cootie.   And fun painting watercolors.

The girls ended the week by attending a fun birthday party of another good friend.

Yes, there was school goin' on, too.  All I can say is... Thank God for Brain Pop! ;)  These girls keep me goin'!

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  1. What a party week!! Did you know there's a Brain Pop ap? A new video plays everyday, and they can take a test also. The kids think it's pretty cool.

  2. ha-see my post title today : )

    I made tomato soup for lunch on Saturday...I love dipping a sandwich in tomato soup.

    Your gingerbread houses are adorable!

  3. Oh such sweet, sweet memories. The grand-boy will be doing our annual baking this weekend. Can barely wait. It's so much fun! Have a fabulous week. Blessings, SusanD

  4. I am NOT a cook, so I used canned, but my favorite thing is Progresso Tomato Basil soup with a grilled cheese sandwich dipped in it - yummy!

    Love the gingerbread houses! Something I will never attempt voluntarily in this lifetime LOL.

  5. You are totally in full swing! Do you freeze your pies?
    Nator has good taste in Degas.
    I have not been skating in decades. I should take my kiddos sometime!
    How fun that they had Cootie. Another thing I haven't seen/done in a long time.
    Have a super week and a blessed Thanksgiving!!

  6. looks like great holiday fun! Elayna went skating with the homeschool group this week too. she had so much fun but was sore afterwards! lol uses lots of muscles. :) HAve a wonderful thanksgiving week!

  7. What fun memories you are making with your girlies!! And you're totally making me want to break out my Christmas decorations!

  8. do you know I have never made a gingerbread house? crazy huh?!

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend!!!!

  9. I love the gingerbread houses, the beautiful little cooks in the kitchen and the lovely ladies outside the door in front of the festive holiday wreath.

    Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing your busy week!

  10. My dad would make soup and grilled sandwiches for lunch when I was a kid. Every time I make it for my boys, it makes me smile.

    Gingerbread houses! We haven't done those with our littles yet, but I have a feeling they'd be a hit :)

  11. Fun week! Those gingerbread houses are adorable! My fave (and now my kids' fave) grilled cheese with tomato soup. But I do think chicken noodle would be good with that too!

  12. omg...your gingerbread house!! nicely done!! did u involve ur girl as well in e process? So awesome.

  13. Looks like fun. It is does take a village to make those darn Ginger Bread houses. Me and my sister's kids usually give up and we end up finishing it ;)

  14. so far behind!

    Sarah got the cootie game for her is now a new favorite (again)

    chicken noodle soup looks yummy! and a big bowl would be nice right now...maybe warm my bones up a bit :D

  15. A busy week is always more fun when it involves yummy things!! I need to bake today... NEED to! ;) Hope this week proves to be a little slower ... offering more time to smell the pine... ha ha! (not roses!)


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