Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nothing rings in the season of giving like a great wish list!

My girls have already begun their Christmas lists.  Psh!  Who am I kidding?  They have been talking about it all year.  You know, as soon as the birthday hoopla ends, it's all about Christmas.  Sometimes, the two overlap.

It's enough to drive a person insane, at times.  Other times, I'm simply thankful their imaginations are filled with such celebratory wonder and excitement.  Children have a way of making the season a bit more magical.

Honestly, all I truly want, I already have.


To love and to be loved.

But... if I were to make a lil' list, it would look something like this...

iviscents.  I'm a sucker for a {healthier} yummy scent.  I've had this bookmarked for some time now.  I mean, who wouldn't be tempted by birthday cake scent?  and milk + honey?  The soap, 'frosting' {aka, lotion}, and sugar scrubs.  It sounds like heaven... in a shower.  And it's wrapped in zebra paper.  Yummy + cuteness = sigh.

Speaking of yummy scents, I've heard everyone talk about their yummy-smelling Scentsy warmers for quite some time, and after smelling Granny's, I have scent envy.  Is that weird?  There is nothing like walking through the door to a wonderful scent to welcome you home.  After skimming the warmers, I liked several of them, but "Faith" caught my eye. 

I have a lampe berger that I love, but it has recently stopped working.  Boo.  Our favorite scent has always been the creme brulee.  Yummy.

I'm also a sucker for costume jewelry.  I can't say that diamonds are my best friend.  My husband breaths a sigh of relief.  This lil' lovely from Allora Handmade looks tempting.  The only problem would be picking a color.  I'm leaning toward the red or turquoise necklaces.  What do you think?  It's also time for another trip to Harwin in Houston for costume jewelry and purse finds!

Jo Totes.  It's a purse.  It's a camera bag.  It may be the solution to merging my purse with my Nikon!  Isn't the rosette cute?  I'm a practical girl, but love the whimsical colors, too.  I'm thinking the pewter is pretty posh and would go with everything.  Of course, who wouldn't love a lil' raspberry or teal?  ;)

Speaking of cameras, I've had my eyes on the 18-200mm lens forever some time now.  It would eliminate the need to change lenses as much, allowing dust to land inside the camera.  Or simply miss shots because the camera wasn't ready to go!   Those facts alone make it a need, yes?  ;)  From what I've read, it would also allow me to use it as a macro as well, eliminating another lens from my wish list.  So it's really a 'deal', too.  I kid.  It's an arm and a leg.

Speaking of an arm and leg.  And since I'm dreaming.  Mama needs a new ride.  I've never been a car drooler.  You know, I've never had a 'specific' vehicle I've always loved.   I just know when I see it, I suppose.  I just want something pretty.  Maybe {this time} mom-wagon in function - less in look.  And with working door handles, interior fabric intact, locks that don't spontaneously lock and unlock while driving, hesitate when starting, and blinkers that work.  Or maybe I could simply get those things fixed on mine?  Sigh.  I'm too practical for my own good sometimes.

A Master Bedroom MakeoverIncluding new mattress set.  Really.  I've started it many times over the years.  Good Housekeeping says, "Your bedroom should be a serene oasis where the worries of the day melt away."  Ha.  Honestly, in our 'lived-in' look, it's the place where laundry gets piled for folding, and piles of paperwork and misc things go for future organizing {some day}. Not to mention, hub's work desk.  Its original purpose was for scrapbooking.  It was a nice thought.  Sigh.  I've taken to putting pictures in digital books.  Yeah, I should get on that, too.

By the time I clean the rest of the house, I'm too exhausted to care by the time I make it to the bedroom.  Exhaustion makes ignoring the mess easier.  A lil' too honest maybe?

Okay.  Back to reality.  How about cash for clothes?  Say... if you've found at least 20 lbs over the past 4 yrs, your clothes may not fit like they used to.  Boo.  Or better yet, how about someone schedule my gym visits for me... and carve out the time, energy, and encouragement for me to work off said 20 lbs.  Even better.  Harder, but better.  

And due to my practicality, I'll simply be thankful with my new Mac.  We are learning to understand each other.  Well, I'm having to be more understanding than Mac.  That's usually the way it works with gadgets and me.   The gadgets patiently wait for me to understand them.  I will simply think it a gift to make the last payment on this baby.  For real.

If you are wondering about hubs, his list would look something like this...

An iPad.  If money were no object, we'd buy one for each of us, but since it is... Hubby will be first in line.  {One day, Hun.}

and clothes...

I will be working on the girls' lists soon.  They have been circling and initialing our Target catalog like there's no tomorrow. ;)

* Just so we're clear, I am getting nothing {zip, zadda, zero} from these companies.  Just spreading the linky love and cheer.  However, if any said companies would like to make a donation to the Family Team, the Family Team would not be opposed, including car dealerships.  Just sayin'.


But again, truthfully, we have what is most important.

Each other.

The girls and I were reminded of that when we watched Letters to God for a movie night this week. 

There was a tender scene when the young boy asked his mom if the kids at school would make fun of him due to his baldness and fading eyebrows.  She spoke honestly and said, "Yes."  He wondered how he might respond to them, then it came to him...  He would react like Jesus would.

Nator:  "How would Jesus respond?"
Me:  "Good question.  How do you think Jesus would respond?"
Gracie:  "I know.  He would kick their butts!"

And with that, I close. 

But I will let you know that I have a giveaway in my next post.  Yay!  Tis the season of giving!!


  1. Now I'm drooling over that lens and those bags.

  2. Haha, Gracie is hilarious! I'm sure Jesus would, at least metaphorically ;)

    Your list is fabulous! Especially the red and turquoise necklaces!

  3. Ha! Love the disclaimer. An 18-200 lens? Saweet. I love that. Wonder if there's one for my Canon? That bag is to die for...and in teal? Yes, please. I'll take one of those too. :) Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  4. I was on the phone with one of my girls today and she said she needed to add a few things to her list. We have lots of relatives who buy for the girls so I like to maintain control of the lists. I dole out suggestions from their list and that works. Now, if only someone would take charge of my list : )

    Actually I think I've convinced hubs we need a new camera. He's seen enough blurry pics lately to finally agree : )

    Red and turquoise-both!

  5. You have great taste (and smell)! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your giveaway. ;o)

  6. Nice list! Even better than Oprah's (which I'm sure is highly contributed to by the brands advertised)!

  7. You know, I think your daughter is right. In the big scheme of things, when people wrong us badly- Jesus does kick their butt....just not in the sense that 'we' envision as a butt kicking. lol

    I can remember being a little girl and knowing it was time to make out the Christmas list when the Sears Wishbook Catalog came out in the early fall. Flipping through the pages and trying to select the most perfect doll, and everything that my dolly-to-be might ever possibly need! Along with the toys that I wouldn't want to have to try to live without. The anticipation of finishing that list and hoping for weeks that some of the wonderful things on it would find their way underneath our tree was just as exciting as actually opening gifts on Christmas morning.

    Your wish list is fantastic! But, as you said, you already have the very best things that anyone could ever hope for; family, and love. You are truly a blessed lady.

    Have a lovely week!


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