Saturday, September 18, 2010

Project 365 - Week 38

Have you ever hit "publish" on a post that you were tempted to delete {immediately} due to incriminating photos?  Ummm... Yeah, that would be my last post.  All I can say is that it's a good thing I don't take myself 'that' seriously.  And at least {due to this post} it's not the first post that pops up when someone visits my page, right? ;)

This has been a crazy week!  It's the first full week of {all} our activities.  Whew!

{Technically, this picture was taken last Saturday -the 11th- after I published our week.}

I've been organizing school workboxes, so we loaded up with supplies at, non other than, Tarjet.  The plan is to start them on Monday.  The girls seem excited about them... so far. ;)

It's like shopping with lil' monkeys, I tell you.  Little. Silly. Monkeys.

What's a week without two piano lessons?  Did I mention that her teacher recently had her hip replaced before we started taking lessons?  Bless her heart.

We re-joined our old community gym and the girls get to start working out with mom!  Yay!  So far, when told to choose between exercise or kid care, they want to work-out.  Let's hope that sticks. :)

How is it that my babies are big enough to workout on cardio equipment?

Really, I could have posted on this alone.  They were crackin' me up.  Nator has figured out how to leisurely cycle just enough to keep the machine on, while reading her book.  Gracie stops after her initial 10 minutes of cardio to take a water break... then every 2 minutes thereafter. ;)  I figure any movement is better than no movement at all, right?  Too cute!

Again, with the poor quality cell pic... but there wasn't a better picture to express how we all felt about leaving DK at the airport.  Sigh...

Theater class.  Do they really need it?  ;)  Lil' hams.

I make them work for food.  ;)  No, seriously... they don't mind {too much} helping mom with a few chores.

A glimpse of what schoolwork looked like at our house this week.  Math tents. ;)

This is me.  After working on school stuff, going to Gracie's last dance class, gym, taking the girls to Panera, and getting a few groceries at Target.  Mama is looking sweaty, and wiped out glamorous and in need of...

After a long week of work, working out, dance, theater, piano, more dance, and working out, we rewarded our efforts with dark chocolate M&M-topped brownies and Haagan Daz 5 Vanilla Bean ice cream.  Gracie said it was the best dessert she's ever had in her whole life.  I would almost have to agree.  Yum. my. warm. melt. in. your. mouth. chocolate. good. ness.  Of course, this was for our movie night... and a nice distraction for the girls with hubs not being here.  We watched The Princess and the Frog.  Again.

Tonight we plan to have a repeat, but we plan to watch The Young Victoria.  I haven't seen it yet.  Maybe that's not wise.  Remember the Steel Magnolia movie night incident... with all the *ahem* "full moons" in the locker room?  It had been years since I saw it... Mama had some splainin' to do.

But first, I'm trying to talk myself into going to the gym...

{*Edit:  We drove to the gym.  They were closed already! Ugh.  Movie night early... without the guilt.  Can't workout if your gym is closed, right?  Ha!}

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  1. I love the 'leisurely pedaling to keep the machine going' while reading!!!! lol

    And why is it you are still beautiful and glowing after a running ragged time???


  2. adorable post. sounds a whole lot like my life - we did that workbox stuff a while back, are often found goofing off in Target, my mom is a piano teacher (and has her own set of health problems) and mama looks pretty wiped out and gross most of the time lately (trust me, there WON'T BE ANY reality PHOTOS ON MY BLOG)! LOL

  3. I loved The Young Victoria but saw it ages ago...I cannot remember now if there were any 'moments' ....your dessert looks fabulous!

  4. I am totally making brownies tomorrow. Thankyouverymuch. :)

  5. Wow those brownies look delicious. Gym pics and brownie pics I feel very balanced now!!

    Theater class...gotta love it. I now know why our after school musical production is always such a fun two hours. Working with 55 middle school hams is very...interesting.

  6. SO...skipping to the end...Miss Beautiful Skinny Minny posting pictures of yummy brownie sundaes? Soooo not fair, Sister! Hope you had another great night with your cute girls!

  7. That picture in Target is great! They are never too old to ride in the cart!!
    That theatre class picture should be a publicity shot for the class. I was laughing just thinking about the "drama"! :)
    Good for all of you for working out! And I agree that 10 minutes is better than no minutes!
    The brownie dessert....let's just say, drooling! Looks delicious!
    Have a great week sweet one!!!

  8. Oh my - you had me at Target! And then again with brownies and ice cream! I'm off to raid my freezer... And have I mentioned lately how adorable your family is?

  9. Oh Target is a fav...and I think m&m's make everything better. Love how she is reading while working out...she has more motivation than I sad! We built forts in our family room this evening and that is where 1 of the 2 boys is sleeping as I type!

  10. Loved all the pics - but my favorites were the drama one (they are so cute!) & the brownie. Thank goodness I'm pretty full from lunch still or I'd be running out for the ingredients :)

  11. What a week! I love this post--but I also love the facebook one, and...I just love your posts:) As usual, beautiful pictures-how do you look that good in the middle of such a busy week?? And, I need those brownies! The girls look like they are having a great year--good luck with the gym--

  12. Honestly, every time I visit here I smile. Your family is just so fun and adorable.

    I peeked at your last post...and have to agree with you. Looking at old photos of me is rough! :-)

  13. This might be my favorite round of pictures yet! Seriously, the ones of your girls at the gym- classic!

    About the Young Victoria: I just watched it a few weeks ago. It's pretty clean by adult standards, but there are some scenes that are fairly intimate. No nudity (that I can remember!) and no full-on, uh, activity, but marital, uh, activity is implied. Other than that, there is some very mild violence in a scene or two. Hope that gives you an accurate heads-up without spoiling the plot!

  14. This post had me crackin' up and totally relating all at the same time! Hope the movie is okay by your parenting standards. I hate when I share a movie with my kids only to be doing a head slapping what was I thinking later!

  15. Great pictures! Love the drama one! And you look pretty good to me in the after gym pic. You have gorgeous eyes!

  16. the dessert picture is THEBEST. yum!

  17. such cuties...all of you. enjoyed your pics

  18. thx 4 watching her video...she's my's amazing the miracles God has done for her and she is loving every moment of life.
    We walk for the Heart Ass'n this Saturday and I'll have new pics to post :)

  19. What a great week. So busy. I sure wish my girls could work out with me at the gym. That would be awesome.
    That dessert is just wrong...but looks so yummy. Wish I had me one right now. YUM
    REad your post below too. Funny. Oh those 80's pictures. I have me some doozies too. Gotta love the 80's fashion and hair. :)

  20. I would've been heartbroken to have driven to the gym, just to find out that it was closed. Yeah, right.

    I tagged you in my post today!

  21. i just stumbled upon your blog. i know i will be coming back. quite entertaining.
    thanks, Katie (minnetonka, mn)

  22. Love the Target cart ride!

    and the pic in the last post wasn't..... was a bit rough, but the new ones cancel it out.

    hopping in for a follow!

  23. Hahahahha!!! Whats with that math tents? And your kids go to theater class? They sure can pose with much expressions =P


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