Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Because I am nothing, if not... random

When we walked in the gym for the first time last week, Nator said, "We walk in children, and leave as women."  Crack. Me. Up.  From the mouths of babes, yes?  I think she realized what a 'big girl' step this was for them, not having to be checked into Kid Care.

Nator found the tiniest of bugs on the table.  When they couldn't determine what it was {we, apparently, consider ourselves to be experts in the field?}, Nator announced that it must be a mutt bug.   There you have it!

Gracie has dance competition try-outs soon!  She has been talking about it all. year.  I've never seen a child more in love with dance.  You should see her hip-hop class this year.  The teacher makes it so much fun... and his goofy smiles are hi.lar.i.ous.  Makes me want to join!  I think I would feel more comfortable joining 10 yr old hip-hop than making a fool out of myself in a Zumba class. 

I've never taken Zumba.  I have no plans to, either.  I like it that way.

For those who asked, The Young Victoria movie is actually a great movie.  I had to explain a few things from the dialogue to Gracie, but other than that... great movie.  I would venture to say that it was much more appropriate to watch than Little Orphan Annie.  You know, with all the drunkenness.  The stuff we watched when we were little!  ;)


Mary @ Life In a Small Town tagged me in her questionnaire.  She must know my fondness of random thoughts. :)  {Check her out.  She's a cool lady.}  I will try to do your questions justice, Mary!  It's late.  Late night ramblings don't always make sense, as demonstrated above.

Here goes...

 1.)  Did you play a sport in high school?  If so, which one(s)?
Easy.  No.  I was a faithful choir girl.

 2.)  If you watch Food Network, what is your favorite show and who is your favorite personality on the network?
I used to watch it faithfully.  These days, I hardly turn the TV on, except for movie nights with my girls. There's something about watching Food Network, or at least listening to it {while folding laundry}, that gives one a sense of accomplishment.  I walk away feeling like an experienced chef. 

I liked Rachael Ray's tips, and Paula Deen's personality {although I could never live well off of so many sticks of butter! her cooking}.

Oh!  And ummm... Tyler Florence, and The Take Home Chef {although, technically, he's on TLC}. ;)

 3.)  What is the job around the house that you dislike the most?
Other than cleaning toilets, I would have to say... trying to keep everything organized!  Ugh.

 4.)  Name one person or defining moment in your life that made you who you are today.
Wow.  Great question.  I'm not sure I can do it justice at this late hour.  It's hard to pick just one  I've had a number of wonderful, seasonal friendships and a handful of lifelong friends that have {all} played a role in the person I am today.  I blame them.  Ha!  I kid.

 5.)  Who/What do you look toward for your inspiration?
Another thought-provoking question.  My heart?  That's where He resides.  My girls?  Their laughter is good medicine.  My hubs?  He brings music to my life.

 6.)  Are you one of those women who insists on wearing makeup before you step foot out of the house?
It's funny, I suppose.  I didn't care much for makeup when my friends first began wearing it in high-school.  As I grew older, I wore it on special occasions.  Now?  I kinda need at least a little... Hello, raccoon eyes.  So maybe I've evolved into one?  Actually, I don't mind wearing it most of the time.

 7.)  What is the one item of makeup that you never do without?
I have a handful of small essentials, but the raccoon eyes beg for concealer.  After many brands, I still haven't found the 'perfect' one.  What is your favorite concealer??  Okay, this is for those with wrinkles... because the problem is creasing.  Hello!

 8.)  What is your favorite story in the Bible?
Hmmm... these days, I'm really interested in what Jesus has/had to say.  You know, in my heart... and the red letters.  It's interesting what's been added to His words over the years in the institutional church.  That's not really answering the question, is it?  Sorry!  {hangs head in shame}  It's really late here!  ;)


Okay, I'm off to fill workboxes for school again.  I was up till 2 a.m. last time... mostly because I'm still getting a feel for this new curriculum we're using.  {Overachieve much?}  Mama needs some beauty rest!  Although, I must say, it had the girls on top of their chores and piano practice today.  Good stuff! 

Signing out before I....zzzzzzzzzzzzfdhf;aodhfladjfldjlj


  1. I love the questionnaire....esp. your answers to #5....and relate well to #s 1 and 6!
    Blessings to you today,

  2. Your girls seriously crack.me.up. Mutt bug??!!! Who knew? I'm like you w/the TV and FoodNetwork. If I get started watching it....it just sucks me in and oh my....two hours are GONE! How does that happen??

    Have a fabulous day. Blessings, SusanD

  3. UGH.. cleaning toilets is on todays agenda. :(

  4. I loved getting to know you through your “random” post! Gracie sounds a lot like my daughter. My daughter is 20 now and a professional ice dancer.

    One thing, though – you really should try Zumba! My daughter is a Zumba instructor and absolutely loves it. Even though I’m not a person who normally likes fitness classes, she got me to go with her with to two Zumba classes when she was visiting last. And I fell in love with Zumba! It really is fun and non-threatening. My daughter even has a few blog posts about it (like this one: http://fitbodyfulllife.com/2010/08/top-5-ways-zumba-improves-your-fitness/)

    Have a great homeschool year! I'm your newest follower from Hip Homeschool Hop!


  5. Great random post! Your girls' sense of humor crack me up! :)

  6. faithful, not really a makeup wearer high school girl here too. :) I think we would be great friends. oh, and I've never done zumba and don't plan too. lol

  7. Bella found a little tiny bug on the table today too...she named it "cow"...

    Yeah, Zumba...not so much for me. Yoga more my style. Although I really want to take a hip hop class for adults...midlife adults not newly 18 adults...and make it a beginner class too!!

  8. Too funny! So glad you stopped by my blog and I'm happily following you back! Have a great week!


  9. Hi There. I am your newest follower from Tuesday Blog Hop! Lovely Blog:) You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

  10. Are those your kids? You look way to young to have children that age!

    I just found your blog on Follow Me Back Tuesday! Have a great night.


  11. Great to meet you! Came by via the Homeschool Hop! Love your questionnaire and learning more about you. :)

  12. Thanks for stopping by. I am your newest follower! I love what your daughter said about the gym. Little kids are so honest!LOL I also love that you can go to the gym with your girls. Mine are still too small 3 & 5, but we do walk together and they love to get underneath me when I a trying to do any workout dvd. I think they get amusement in seeing if they can trip me up. Well,I know my 3 year old does fro certain:) Happy MOthering!

  13. Ew...I cleaned all the toilets today!
    Fun questions...actually I enjoyed the answers! :)

  14. Newest follower here...over from the HHH. I'm enjoying your blog and wondering what your "workboxes" look like...?

    I'm also starting a new link-up called Ordinary Days for moms to submit posts about a day in the life of their homeschool. Hope you'll join in.

    Stuff and Nonsense

  15. I am your new follower. You can have a great blog. You can visit me at http://showmemama.blogspot.com

    Thanks and Have a great

  16. I enjoyed your answers to the random questions. I've been tagged too but haven't gotten to it yet. I'm pretty sure my girls do not want to hear I'm trying Zumba. The mental image would be hard to erase : )

  17. Love the post! Great randomness. :)

    I have to say, I've done Zumba for months now, and absolutely LOVE it. I don't do group classes, I search videos on Youtube of Zumba routines to songs I like. HUGE difference. I am more motivated to follow along, and even my daughter will dance along with me. It's also nicer in the privacy of my own home. No gym Zumba here. :)

  18. Thanks for playing along! Love hearing your girls' thoughts!

  19. Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

  20. For real? Is that you, Mom? ;) If not, my email is HMama02@gmail.com.


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