Saturday, July 24, 2010

Project 365 - Week 30

What a week!  If you didn't find me involved in the activities posted below, more than likely, you could find me getting lost in the book, The Well-Trained Mind.  I wish that I had read this book when we first began homeschooling.  I have a lot of homework to do!

Here's much of what we were up...


Is there anything better than a hubs working on a honey-do list?

I think not.

Well, except maybe lil' ones showin' their talents on a trampoline.


Nator has officially graduated from the junior classic of Little Women.  She is reading the larger novel to Gracie and me via iPhone.  Cute, yes?  Time to buy her the thick novel via book, so I can have my phone back.  One of her favorite past times is playing Legos, while watching the movie. :)

After Gracie's hip-hop class, we received our new writing curriculum.  I'm excited, but overwhelmed.  I hope to be in full swing with our new curriculum by mid-August.


A full day!  We met friends for a $1 movie {Monsters vs. Aliens}, lunch @ Panera, Target, Vitamin Shoppe, Dry Cleaners, and Ballet/Tap.

At target, the girls rrrrrrreally wanted a daily planner.  I was 'this close' to buying them one for organizing their schoolwork; however, almost everything we purchase is multiplied times 2, so I went with the ol' notebook instead.  It works, but the daily planners were almost too cute to pass up.  As you can see, Gracie thought so too.  Ha!


In science class, we are learning about the primary colors creating white light.

 Gracie gets involved when it's time to turn off the lights and dance to a strobe light.  These special glasses separate light into glowing primary colors.  Too cool.  They each left with a technicolor blender.  Equally cool.

We were supposed to meet friends at the pool, but plans fell through.  It was cloudy with a chance of no swimming, due to scattered showers and slight thunder.

Thankfully, our blue skies cleared up, and one of our friends could meet us after all!  :)


We did a lil' paint pottery today.  Nator picked a mug to make for DK to thank him for working on her computer this week.  So sweet.  Gracie picked a butterfly dish for her bling, and Mama finally got in on the action, too.  :)  We get to pick them up next week.  Yay!


This week, we ordered the girls a misc 2250 pc box of Legos from Ebay.  The operative word being 'misc'.  To prevent sibling rivalry, DK and I worked to separate all those lil' pieces.  Loving parents, yes?  :)  

And can I get a 'Java-lujah'?!  DK officially finished de-worming Nator's computer!  Yay!!!  Thank God for a tech-savvy hubby.  Now I can get to all of her 4th grade year and prove we 'did', in fact, learn a few things.  ;)

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  1. fun post! they are such cute girls and it looks like a fun week! :)

  2. Another good week with your sweet girls!
    My brother wrote a song called, "Women love to watch men work"...hilarious, and oh, so true!

  3. ahaha! I love the look DK is giving you. Working on a honey-do list... priceless! Great week of activities. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

    BTW, are your pics straight out of the camera or do you post-process?

  4. I'm with your girls on the cute planners : ) Read my post from Friday : )

    Always love peeking into your week!

  5. I want to take our boys to paint pottery. I think they would love it.

    Fun week!

  6. Love seeing DK and hearing what he's doing, because that must mean he's home more!!
    Legos and Little Women, now that is a combo!
    I am a sucker for planners and all things "new supplies". Love that Gracie is overflowing with them in the pic!
    The pottery looks fun! Where is your creation? Make sure you show us when you pick them up.
    Have a super week!!

  7. Little girls and big girls love those cute day planners, I do restrain myself as my calendar and contacts are all on my phone now so I just look at all the cuteness at the store!

    Great week!


  8. awww love the pictures!!
    what writing program are you going with? i'm just starting to look through them for the upcoming school year.

    love that mary poppins shirt! so cute!!

  9. Knowing anyone that is tech savvy is always a plus. But a husband? That would be great!

  10. Found this through LinkWithin. I can completely relate to the times two thing. So often if I only had to buy 1, I would do it, but when you have to buy one for each...suddenly $10 is $20! And I end up saying no too!


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