Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm {pretty} sure

{Some} stores in our Galleria = heaven on earth.

Mac cosmetics, for one.  It gives this 36 29 year old's face a lil' bling.  I would love to have the time and money to play in that store for a while.  Sigh...  I do have a few favorites there though.

Nator has a fondness for the Lego store... especially the video camera that makes Lego sets seemingly come alive on top of their boxes.  Very cool.  It made window shopping a little more fun. :)

Dylan's Candy Bar?  A little less heavenly.
The girls had been invited to a birthday party for some friends of ours.  Time with friends = heavenly.  We never seem to be able to visit our friends nearly enough.

The girls decorated a solid, chocolate, ballet shaped mold with frosting and assorted candy.  The games were each centered around eating candy, then cake... and ice cream, topped with a goody bag full of candy!  Did I mention they had candy?  {Thankfully, our girls usually hand their candy to mama on their own.  Not for me to eat, but to chunk, just in case you were wondering.  *grin*  Good girls.}

{they do have unique items to browse...  a marshmallow gun, for instance. ha!}

What was so bad about this?  I mean, from the obvious fact that I'm particularly health conscience, and I had to purposely keep little known facts about the dangers of sugar out of my mind?

This happened right before The Cheesecake Factory.

They had no appetite.  Three bites of dinner was all they could muster.

They were sick.

Yes, I used this as a teachable moment.  "You see?  Mommy 'tortures' you with healthy food because she loves you."  And, yes, I almost always speak in third person.  Why does HMama do that?  I suppose HMama will grow out of that as her girls get older, yes?

DK and I were starvin' and may or may not have ordered a piece of caramel-pecan-turtle cheesecake {yes, let that sink in} to-go, after dinner.

Heaven. on. earth.

Yes, we shared.  It's seldom enjoyed around here, but if heaven serves cheesecake, you know where to find me!

Again, I repeat, I'm completely health conscience.


  1. Reading about the party made my teeth hurt : )

    Ha-you do eventually stop speaking in third person. I thought about that when you said it and can remember doing the same with my girls..'Mommy knows..." Somewhere along the way we've quit doing that.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Yep, when your girls are 16 (like mine), you will have a difficult time pulling thier eyeballs out of the top of thier heads if you speak in third person. LOL!
    And Galleria...yes, pieces of heaven. Cheesecake is necessary for mental health, I am sure of it!

  3. It may have given Joyce a tooth-ache, but it made my head hurt! That cheesecake, though...Oh.My.Gosh!

  4. I love the cheesecake factory and very thankful the closest one is over two hours away. lol. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  5. Cheesecake is pretty heavenly!!! Nice lesson taught.

  6. I am most clueless about all the stores you mentioned except The Cheesecake Factory which I visited several years ago when I took a trip to Chicago with a friend. They have the most scrumptious cheesecake. I guess I'm a bit countrified! ;)

    I'm so glad there isn't a candy store like that around here. My boys would go crazy and I would go bonkers. Too much sugar!


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