Sunday, July 11, 2010

Project 365 - Week 28

Our week in review...


We spent a great evening with friends.  As you can see, we're a serious bunch.

They are always such wonderful hosts... even to Jasmine.  {Note to self:  if you ever question the heat in the car, just leave the dog at home.}

I love that our kids are close in age.  Gracie's friend loves horses, too.  Said friend also takes riding lessons.  {No pressure, Mom.}  Nator can be found playing Wii, Legos, or Nerf guns with her friend. ;)

Our wonderful friends also had a cookie cake for DK's birthday.  So sweet and thoughtful of them!

What July 4th evening would be complete without fireworks?  {We had enough to carry, so I didn't worry with my tripod... or correct camera settings.}


Happy 40th Birthday to Hubs!!
I originally wanted to plan a 'party' for him, but his schedule almost makes it impossible.  So...
nothin' like a lil' Panera and shoe shoppin' on your birthday, eh?  I tried to talk him into Macaroni Grill, but no-go.  Guess I'll have to wait until my birthday again.  ;)

We did enjoy some chocolate cake at home, though!  Yummy!


Summer dance classes begin!  And catching up with friends that you haven't seen in 2 weeks 'forever'!

And just so we're clear.  That's me, trying to block the sun from the girls' eyes.  I was holding a really big purse.  Big.  Really big.  ;)

But first... Chiropractor, gym, thrift store, Gracie falls and gets a boo-boo in thrift store, Target, nurse boo-boo in first aid aisle at Target, and get a Smoothie King after shopping to help distract ease the pain.


 Science class!  Nator was so excited {even though class is full of 16 lil' boys}.

This experiment was especially funny.  Have you ever seen a 'hand boiler'?  The idea is to make the liquid on the bottom warm {from the palm of your hand} so that it will climb to the top level.  The science teacher said that she's never seen a child draw the liquid from the TOP to the bottom so quickly.  Cold hands!  Ha!  Warm heart? :)

As you can see, Gracie is interested in science too. ;)


We've had our fair share of rain, and today was no exception.  The girls spent a large part of their day reading and acting out some of their favorite Disney storybooks.  Too cute.

We also colored together.  I really enjoy moments like this... a glimpse into their hearts, during sweet conversation.

And then I cooked lasagna.  One of our family favorites and SO simple.

Love days like this.


I spent a lot of time on the phone dealing with some curriculum issues, and then I dove into these books.  We may be starting our foreign language studies with Latin.  I know.  Am I in over my head?

No picture today.  
Hubs and I caught up on cuddle/24 time, while the girls played and played... all. day.  There was never one disagreement between them.  It was... what heaven will be like.  Well, minus the mess.  But then again, I don't think He sees the mess.  ;)

Okay... I'm off to find out what everyone else has been up to!

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  1. You work on the Latin, I'll do the Greek this year. Greek is part of our curriculum this year. Lucky us. :) Happy belated b-day to your hubby.

  2. looks like a great week! isn't days where they play together and don't fight nice? yeah! :)

  3. Looks like a fun week. Happy Birthday to the hubs. Latin? Wish I had studied foreign language more. Blessings, SusanD

  4. Happy birthday to DK! I bet Gracie was in heaven with all those horses!
    2 weeks IS forever when you're a kid, isn't it?
    Great experiment, Nator looks like she is having a ball.
    Love the new pictures of the girls on the sidebar!!
    Latin, really?!! You are so super cool and smart!
    Hooray for cuddle time!!
    Have a super week!

  5. What a fun summer week! (Okay, minus the Latin stuff! Probably not fun, but that is super impressive!)
    We enjoy the same Cinderella book and coloring books!!
    Hope you have another fun week!

  6. Happy Birthday to your hubs! The cake looks yummy : )

  7. Coloring together inspires sweet conversations! I love it!

  8. Latin? I took 3 years in school and never understood why. I so wish I would have been offered French or Spanish. But, I'm sure Latin would be easier to teach than the others.

  9. I love these posts.

    Latin, wow your brave ;)

  10. I always enjoy catching up on what's been going on in your life. Can you all be any more photogenic?! :)

    Thanks for stopping by before my trip back to clear out Gram's house. It was successful, but stressful. We made lots of fun memories as well.

  11. Girls always so cute & cool pic w/ Daddy!
    I always loved new books and planning the school year. It's great that you are tackling Latin--a great basis/foundation for much in the future. Enjoy!
    Latin always reminds me of my eighth grade in the USA--a test showed that I should take Latin.

  12. You always have such sweet, memorable weeks. My favorite parts:
    1. The fireworks shot. (Correct camera settings???!!! Are you kidding me?) I think it's beautiful just like it is. I love the silhouettes of the people watching. Tells a story.

    2. The imagery of you and your girls coloring and talking together.

    3. Your sense of humor, as usual. (That purse didn't seem all that big to me.) ;)


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