Sunday, June 27, 2010

Project 365 - Week 26

Our week in review...


DK had the day off on Father's Day.  We thought of driving to the beach for the day, but relaxing in the A/C sounded like a better investment of time before another week.  After a home-cooked meal of Quiznos, we rented movies {The Tooth Fairy and Night at the Museum 2}, popped popcorn, and {all} piled in our king-sized bed.  A great afternoon, filled with lots of cuddles.


An update for the family...  ;)  Even though we {somehow} missed our last appointment and are now a few months behind, we managed to get a good report.  Gracie needs to get a lil' something fixed next week... and the doctor also said that her other front tooth needs to be the next one to come through, or he may need to 'help' it {otherwise known as, cutting of the gum.  sigh...}.  An x-ray showed that another tooth was ahead of the game.  He advised us to have her 'teeth' on the opposite end of her toothbrush.  Apparently, babies have the right idea!


DK worked late and the week ahead was going to be full, so we grabbed a family memory with our first attempt at Scrabble.  Daddy and Nator vs. Gracie and me.  Gracie's excitement made us giggle.  I know you want to know who won.  Let's just say that Gracie and I had the X and the Z... and got lucky with double scores.  :)  Nator 'helped' her teammate by giving shoulder massages.  Hehee...


We spent some time in Hobby Lobby, buying art supplies... and bags to decorate. Gotta love their 1/2 off sales!  {We use fabric markers to personalize} The girls plan to use them for dance this summer.  Fun!

Speaking of dance, Gracie gave me a personal recital... the first of many throughout the week.  I have the song '16 going on 17' permanently etched in my memory.


Our day began like this.  We started some new artwork!

And ended like this.  Hubs returned from a short out-of-town trip and we needed to return his rental car.  After tucking the girls in, I watched him pack... again.  Zzzzzz.


On the way back from bringing hubs to the airport early in the morn.

I had them wear flip-flops instead of slippers so that we could stop at the ever classy I-Hop... 

and when we arrived home, we all felt like this.  Between a case of the sleepies and a rainstorm, we pretty much called it a day after a lil' math.  Lots of cuddles and family movies.  The Velveteen Rabbit may or may not induce tears.


This is where I spend every morning.  Saturdays are no exception.  We put finishing touches on our art projects {soon to be revealed}, and watched more family movies.  It's just that kind of weekend.  I think I'm on 'family-movie-overload'. {I find it humorous to see the girls turn their noses up at all the 'kid' shows they used to love.  They are growing up.}

Have you noticed I'm lookin' oh-so-organized? {she says as she scans the mess lying all around the room}  I have my handy iPhone to thank for that {no, it's not the new iPhone 4, as noted by the quality of some of my pix}.  At least my kitchen counter no longer looks like this.  If only the iPhone had an app that took care of the rest of the house.  I mean, when the laundry reaches the doorknob, a mama needs help.  Just sayin'.

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  1. Sassy has the same "My Daddy Rocks" tshirt!! We are big fans of family movie days and nights. It feels good to chill with the tkids. :)

  2. so are ya'll still moving? I haven't heard anything about that lately. of the few games I don't enjoy...mainly because I am terrible at word games!!! However, I do like speed scrabble or banana grams as some people call it.

    can't wait to see your art work!! Love that picture of Nator!

  3. We are an IHOP lovin' family here! YUM! And your hubby's father's day sounds wonderful! We are overdue for our dentist and doctor appts as well, sad but true but will get to go and see them all the week after our vaca! Hope you have a great week. Loving the perspective of your shots this week!

  4. Y'all just have way too much fun!

  5. Love the bags! Your girls did a great job with them.

    I have the question. Are you still moving?

  6. I love Scrabble... although I play online most of the time but a good family game night can't be beat!

  7. What a cute idea those bags are. You do such a good job finding things the girls will enjoy doing. It will be fun to see what some of their childhood memories are.

  8. I think your Father's Day was just what your family needed! I love Nator with the paint pic...would love to see her face if she actually squirt it at you! :)
    Scrabble..have to be in just the right mood here. And way to go with the X and Z!
    I love that you think ahead with flip flop planning for IHOP!
    Have a super week!!

  9. Love the Father's Day shirt! And glad you were able to spend it with your hubby!!

  10. Great pics
    Cute girls!
    Beautiful photo of dawn sky!
    Love Scrabble or the shorter quicker form Take One. It was the last game to go for my Dad, mentally.

  11. I think ALL of your photos are really great!! You compose really well.

    It's great y'all can all just cuddle up in your king-size bed. Even if we HAD a king-size, I'm afraid our littlest littles would be doing the "up and down, up and down" thing the whole time. So that's one up side of having older kiddos, I guess. The down side may be the fact that they no longer want to watch the "kid" movies. Awww. Heart breaker.


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