Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who I {really} am

Many people have joked that I only eat leaves and twigs.

If they only knew...

"I may have 'gone green'
but I'm still thinkin' chocolate!"

And eatin' it too.
{shhhhhh...  I have a reputation to uphold. Hehe...}


  1. LOL that picture is hilarious. I won't tell anyone your secret ;)

  2. Chocolate is always on my mind, too. It's just THAT GOOD.

  3. chocolate. love it. couldn't live without it.the end.

    oh, goodness. the girls got reece peanut butter eggs in their baskets {the best thing EVER made} we had a couple left over, I gave them to David to hide until I lose 10 pounds! {i think the extra weight i'm carrin' now is due to the fact that i have eaten a TON of those things! why must they put them out at valentine's day}


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