Sunday, April 4, 2010

Project 365 - Week 14


Gettin' our grub on at Pei Wei.  I know.
We're thinking of getting our mail there.  :)


No school for us!  It's Nator's birthday!  First, we attended a birthday party of one of her friends, who happens to share the same birthday.  She wanted to use her birthday money to buy a Dora links doll.  It's quite fitting.  When Nator was little, she loved Dora the Explorer.  Precious memories.


Tuesday was a very busy day, so a quick {cell} pic in the morning was as good as it got.  It started before the sun came up, bringing DK to the airport.  We finished our rest by sleeping three more hours when we returned home.  We had a scout/parent meeting, dance lessons, trip to the gym, dinner, baths, and cuddle time.  Mama was tired.


Waiting on Gracie to finish her dance lesson, Nator and I have some quality time. :)

It was such a beautiful day!  The girls couldn't resist bringing school outdoors, while Mama uprooted small trees weeds and picked up Jasmine's 'deposits'.  I may or may not have developed a red-neck looking sunburn on my back; however, I am not redneck... So let's just call it a funky burn.  Mkay?

We couldn't resist a lil' play time with chalk and throwing ball with Jasmine, as well.

Then we went to the gym.  {I know. I'm a glutton for punishment.}  Actually, Gracie wanted to play in kid-care, but a lil' {bully} girl decided to punch her in the chest and tummy repeatedly as I was picking up the girls.  Poor Gracie was just sitting in a chair, watching TV.  I wanted to jump across the 1/2 wall!!  Maybe I should teach my girls a lil' taekwondo.  What do you think?

I took my lil' emotional girls out to dinner, then browsed the aisles of Wally-world, against all of our wills... but we made the best of it.  We enjoyed a lil' cuddle/TV time and hit the sack.


Good news!  DK is home and he brought someone with him!  Granny!! :) 

We planned to meet friends for an egg hunt, but we missed the hunt... and the inflatables.  At least we were able to visit our friends for a few minutes and take advantage of a lil' photo shoot.  Gracie took this picture... I didn't see her sneaky sister making faces until I uploaded all the pictures.  Never a dull moment. :)

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  1. Pei Wei.....yum!!! I wanted to go there Saturday, but everyone else wanted burgers.

    omw, I do not know what kept you from jumping over the wall....I wanted to do it just from reading about it!!!

    loving spring!!

    great week!

  2. Whew - your week was BUSY! Your girls are cute as always. I really liked the ones of you & Nator in the car...

  3. Your pictures are always so nice to look at! Love the Saturday picture!

  4. Thanks, ladies. ;)

    Sara, I know. Even though it only lasted about 5-10 seconds, it felt like too long for this mama! They assured me a report was going to be written up on this little girl. I'm guessing after so many offenses, you're banned from coming back? Some people's kids. Sigh.

  5. aww, a red neck sunburn!! but don't you agree, that first sunburn/tan of the season makes ya smile. sounds like you've had a busy week. and hey, maybe there's a kick boxing class at your gym that a certain little girls' mama goes to? ~did I just say that?~

  6. What kind of food is Pei Wei? I've never eaten there!

    I love your weekly picture posts :)

  7. love your weekly photos! And I'm with Amy, what is Pei Wei? never heard of it.
    your wednesday photo is adorable!!

    i've not heard of the dora links doll either. um, kinda looks like her head is glowing *giggle* will have to check that out. {sarah LOVES dora}

  8. Still don't know what Pei Wei is but I am obviously missing something good! (BTW is that another picture there with Granny?)
    Love the pics with you and Nator waiting for Gracie.
    The girls look like they are loving that outside school work!
    The last picture is priceless!
    Have a super week!

  9. Love Wednesday's shots! So very Photo Booth... ;)

    *sigh* I wish school outdoors would actually WORK with mine. Unfortunately, my easily-distracted son wouldn't last fifteen seconds with a sunny breeze blowing in his face...

    Ha! That picture with Nator in the background cracks me up!!! Shows so much personality. Definitely a keeper!!


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