Saturday, March 13, 2010

Project 365 - Week 11


Remember the shirts the girls were decorating?  It was for the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato concert!  I thought our shirts were much more sentimental fashionable than the $40 t-shirts {yes, $40!!} they were selling at the concert.  


It's back to the books.  The girls lined up their Barbie dolls, ready for class.  They enjoy 'teaching' their dolls... I love it!  Don't you find that you retain things better when you're the teacher? ;)

We also dropped off DK at the airport.  He was flying to California with my brother for work.


Other than schoolwork, there is always much to do on Tuesdays.  Here's just a few things on my 'to-do list' before we headed out the door!  {Yes, my girls each get vitamin holders... for a.m. and p.m.  ;)  So efficient!  Now that they both swallow capsules, it has revolutionized our routine.}

 Heeeeeellooooo??  She wanted me to take the call.  I told her to take a message.  {See me for teaching tips on table manners.}


We spent most of Wednesday and Thursday cleaning!!  Don't let Gracie's expression fool you.  She asked all day, "Is it time to wash the floor yet?"  It's too bad that most of us don't keep that enthusiasm for cleaning.  :)


After another day of cleaning and reorganizing, we picked up DK and my brother from the airport and ate at IHop for a late dinner.  We were happy to have Daddy home and it was great to see my brother, even if for one night.

Unfortunately, a picture of Bella is the only thing I managed to snap this day.  She's just too cute... A Siamese/Tabby mix, she has beautiful colors.  If a move must be in our future, my sweet friend successfully helped us find a home for her.  We just don't want to give her up.  Sigh.


{more cell pix} After a late night, I found Nator resting beautifully on the air mattress.  Nator has one of the best mattresses in the house, so she generously shares it when family visits.  {She loves her mask... almost canNoT get to sleep without it.}

I had a lazy morning too, cuddling with Bella.  {After non-stop cleaning, I was tuckered.}  Feeling a tad guilty about that, I took the girls to the library.  They were thrilled and began reading before we left the parking lot... Nator even brought her book in Target, reading as we shopped.


I can honestly say that I've never seen this combo before.  Biker + Crock-pot.  It made me smile.  :)  I snapped this {cell} pic on my way to the gym early in the morning.  Going to a breakfast potluck maybe?!  After lunch at Panera and running family errands, DK took his turn at the gym, and we enjoyed our current marathon, NCIS.   The girls have adopted a marathon of their own, iCarly.

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  1. That is a LOT of barbies!

    the yellow gloves crack me up...but hasn't she heard of a mop? :)

    the biker is too funny....a biker pot luck...hmmmm.

  2. sara, apparently, i haven't heard of one either. i can't tell you when i've used a mop last. we always do it the ol' fashioned way. ;)

  3. You take beautiful pictures! They are so creative. I love the Barbie Doll story!

  4. Such great pictures of your week! You take such clear, crisp photos and do such a fantastic job framing them.

    Your commentary always gives me some chuckles too :-) As long as they don't pull the foot-as-a-phone trick while eating in a nice restaurant (McDonald's is ok), then I wouldn't sweat it. hahahaha

  5. $40! Shew!!!! Yours were super cute! Good thinking Mama!

    The biker dude cracks me up! HA!

  6. I just love all those Barbies lined up.

    You also reminded me it's time to clean my floors : )

  7. Do you find the floors get much cleaner not using a mop?

    Its so cute how the girls so willingly cooperate with pictures. Love the pose in front of the library.

    You must have earned huge points for taking them to the concert.

  8. Never mind her wanting you to take the call, but how about taking her flexibility?!
    Gracie can come help me clean anytime!! I prefer the old fashion way, seems to clean better, but I don't have the time for it.
    The crockpot biker made me smile!
    Have a great week!

  9. You know what? Sometimes I write "LOL" when I really just thought something was mildly funny, but if you had been sitting beside me, you probably wouldn't have heard a peep from me. This time, however? When I saw that crockpot on the back of that bike? Well, I PROMISE I definitely
    "L'd.O.L"!!!! That is hilarious!

    What a blessing to have eager readers, a sleepy cat, vitamin-swallowers, and willing cleaners. Great week!

  10. I love G's frog pose ;), not so sure about N's phone pose ;)
    But I was reminded of the woman with no arms who does everything with her feet: eat, drive, even is a pilot! If we saw her in a restaurant, how would we react?

  11. I love your cat picture... that is too cool...

    biker and a crock pot... can't say I have ever seen that before!

  12. That was great and the Crock Pot Biker cracks me up.

  13. The crockpot biker was great! I could see my SIL doing that.


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