Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh Brother!

 "I need to run to the other room so I can scream!"
That's what the girls said when we revealed the news of the big surprise!
Off they ran...
Loud 'school-girl screams' could be heard through the bedroom door.

Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato concert!
The girls may have been a lil' excited!  *grin*
This was a sold-out concert... but there's a reason DK's co-workers call him to make all their travel plans.  He knows his way around the internet and managed to find us great seats, without paying an entire arm and leg.

We loaded up the team and made our way to the Texas rodeo, where the concert was being held.
These 3-wheeled taxis thought they had the right-of-way, riding between lanes, coming within mere inches of moving vehicles!  Crazy!

DK found a parking spot, while us gals found our way to the door.  After a minute, I realized we must be standing in the wrong line.   I asked an employee and he said that line was for relatives or contest winners... all waiting to meet the Jonas Brothers.  When I told the girls I had to be honest, one of them may or may not have said that I could have lied!  {mental note:  ramp up lessons in virtue!}

We {finally} made it indoors only to realize that we had 2 hours of rodeo watchin' before the concert was to begin.  {Oi. Why must they continually post a concert time if the concert doesn't begin at that time??  At least we were seated close to the restrooms.}  Maybe it's to draw a crowd for the rodeo?  I mean, I'm not into watching... much less, participating in, events that  injure animals just for the 'sport' of it all {See why}.   Oh well.  This is not meant to be a soap-box post.  ;)  We made the best of it... between pizza, peanuts and iPhone apps.

Have I ever mentioned the time that we were nearly trampled at the rodeo a few years ago?  No?!  We were walking down each ally, admiring the horses, only to see that a 'baby' bull had gotten lose and was running down the ally headed straight for us?!  {And by 'baby', I mean something that was at least 3-4 times my size!}  It took a second or two for my brain to wrap itself around this vision before I could react!

As DK and I each grabbed a child, we had never been so happy to see a restroom in our entire lives.  We found safety in the entrance to the restrooms, standing between the rooms labeled men and women.  Within seconds, the bull rushed by us, as if running for its life!  Followed by a {screaming} female security officer, almost a dozen cowboys rushed by on horseback, twirling lassos.  One of the cowboys managed to catch the run-a-way at the end of the ally.  {I'm still not sure what the security officer thought she was going to do if she managed to catch the poor thing.}  It was something out of a movie.

Where was I?  Oh!  I must say that the kids riding sheep = completely. adorable.  They were so good at it.  It almost makes up for our girls witnessing a bull-rider nearly being trampled to death.  I would like to know what was on the pizza that sparked the idea of this becoming a sport... I know, let's make a bull 'mad' and see how long we can ride 'em.  Seriously??

Gracie was so excited to tell Nator she witnessed one of the Jonas Brothers coming out to catch a glimpse of the rodeo.

It seems we were not the only ones ready for the concert to start...

And this is when the {near} deafness began.
Lots. of. little. school. girl. screams.

Loved when these Texas natives broke out the country tune, complete with cowboy hats.  ;)

Demi Lovato was okay, but it was really about seeing the Jonas Brothers...
and the look on our lil' girl's faces.

On the way out, we traveled in a 3-wheeled taxi back to our car...  and lived to tell about it. 

I think the girls enjoyed that almost as much as the concert.   At least I think that's what they were saying... I couldn't hear anything. :) 


  1. I love the big happy smiles! This reminds me of when I took my girls and some friends to see Aaron Carter and obviously I'm going back a few years, ahem.
    Oh my word the shrieking.

    Someone we knew in the UK broke his leg at the running of the bulls in Spain (what is up with that anyway??)...he wasn't touched by a bull but had to leap over a wall to get out of the way and didn't realize it had a 15 foot drop on the other side. oops. He was a 16 year old boy so that probably explains some of it : )

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. The 3-wheeled taxi's in your way on the road remind me of the Amish I get stuck behind ALL THE TIME!!! UGH!

    Tell your girls that when me and my hubby were in Bible College, The Jonas Brothers were just little guys who ran around our campus... their daddy was our school's worship leader. It's funny to see all the girls swoon over them now.

  3. Oh, what memories you are making with your girls! But, so glad I have boys! :D

  4. what a great evening!!! the smiles on your girls faces are all telling!!!

  5. Joyce, shrieking is more like it! Sports and bulls probably mix like oil and water, no?

    Rachelle, small world. A friend of ours grew up with their dad... It makes me feel a bit old. ;)

    Mary, I wouldn't know what to do with boys. Everything in our house is pink and purple. *grin*

    Thanks, Sara!!

  6. Oh what fun for everyone! Such fantastic memories you've made. Blessings, SusanD

  7. How fun!! I must say that I'm very thankful that Sassy could care less about them. She has only seem them on a comercial or two. Although, I think I'd take them, and the scrreaming girls, over my front row seats for the Wiggles anytime. :) It was many years ago, but still, front row's pretty good for any concert. And I got the best pictures. :) OK, now I'm rambling. :)

  8. How fun! What great parents you are to make this dream come true for your girls. I am sure those are memories they will treasure forever.
    (I have missed seeing you around.)

  9. How fun, I am glad ya'll had a good time.

  10. seriously! doin' a happy dance for the girls. SO fun!
    be sure and tell them to write the girls all about it! i know they will be excited to hear all the details.and how dreamy the guys looked!
    any chance your hubby is good at finding good deals/seats on tickets here in nc? haha!

  11. We went to the same concert last year. I've never heard so many high-pitched screams in all my life.


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