Thursday, February 11, 2010

Work {Real Life}

I don't suppose these pictures would ever come close to winning a photography contest.  That's not what I was going for here.  I'm just showing life.  It's work, ya'll.

Our egg and pancake aftermath this morning.  I didn't think you'd want to view the inside of my sink.  You're welcome.
Mail.  It's like laundry... never ending.
Speaking of laundry.  This is one pile.
Getting ready to move.  Cleaning out closets.
Organizing memories and photos.

Trying to find a loving home for our beloved Bella.  :(

Staying on top of my girls to pick up after themselves.

Staying on top of schoolwork.

And now I must get back to work...
I need to create a birthday party out of all these goodie bags!

But first, I must tackle the messes and tasks from the pix above
{plus some}.
Except for the closets.
I may be stuffing more in those till we officially move. ;)

It's a lazy-rainy day,
but I'm determined to create some fun in the midst of all those tempting chores!

You can view other {work} photos @
 i should be folding laundry



  1. MAIL -- I swear, it breeds :)

    Bella looks sad :(

  2. I do believe I have that same phonics book sitting on my kitchen table at this very moment. And laundry, oh boy, you don't even want to go there! :)

  3. I'm working on visiting all the blogs linked up to You Capture today. Have a great day!

  4. Moving really sucks...I mean the actual MOVING part. Sorting, packing, deciding what makes "the cut" and what gets sold or thrown out. It is a really harrowing experience, but also very exciting.

    Good luck with the chores, but really do cut out sometime for fun!!


  5. I am praying for a smooth transition for all of you. Have fun at the party. :)

  6. I'm totally relating to most of your photos, except that your memories/photos are way more organized than mine! Good luck with the move and the party.

  7. Getting ready to move, planning a party and taking care of the every day things is a LOT of work!

  8. you know, i've never thought about it, but you are so right about the mail!

    and when you figure out how to get the girls too pick up after themselves please pass that tip onto me ;)

    can't wait to hear about the birthday party!

  9. I so feel your pain....and your excitement at what God has in store for you. 2009 was a year of change for us too. We sold our house, rented for a while, and had most of our belongings in storage for months. God opened the door for just the right house and we were settled in our new home before 2009 ended. Will add your specific needs to my prayer list. Blessings, SusanD


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