Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year {Project 365-Week1}


We went to the movies to see Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Squeakquel.
The girls are already looking forward to watching this again on DVD.


We made our Gingerbread house.


We took pictures and made videos saying 'Thank You' to send to "PawPaw Ralph" and "Grandma Jean".  They live so far away.  We miss seeing them. When the girls received their Christmas cards and checks, they knew exactly what they wanted... Webkinz!

And we got our craft on... making trees and handprint angels.


Tea Party with Gracie.  She served biscuits, muffins and tea with milk and sugar.  It was perfect for a party of four... Gracie, Mommy, and her American Girl dolls, Kit and Rebeccah. 


We spent New Year's Eve with very dear friends.
Our 4th in a row.
It may be safe to say that it's a tradition now.
Talkin'. Laughin'. Singin'.
Dart guns and toe-nail polish.


We slept in, relaxed, and had a brunch of pancakes...
while being entertained by a Tom and Jerry marathon. 


We enjoyed fun rounds of Yahtzee and Sorry! Sliders,
then my lovely assistant "helped" cut her Daddy's hair.
We had discussions about how she could one day learn how to do this properly... and take over {one of} Mommy's jobs.  I think in the past 10 years, we've gotten our $$ worth out of these clippers.

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We may not be able to join each week, but I'm looking forward to what we may come up with!


  1. your pictures are beautiful!!! this was our 6th year in a row with our best friends on new years eve. its so great to have traditions with good friends.

  2. How fun! Such neat crafts for the girls and I love Webkinz.

  3. yea!!! so happy to see you join us!! I always love to see your pictures!!

    do you know I have never made a gingerbread house? deprived, I know.

    Tom and Jerry marathon sounds awesome!!

    Great week!

  4. Oh how i wish my hubby would let me cut his hair. we could save so much money. *SIGH*

  5. oh tea parties with American Girl dolls...sigh...

    we popped into the AG store when we were in NYC last week...even though those days are long past in my house we all loved looking at the dolls and clothes and furniture...we all decided we'd definitely have Rebecca if we were getting one now. My girls have 3 each and an overindulgent mema but that's okay...I better have some granddaughters one day!

  6. well, i'm already behind. I plan to jump in next week. thanks to my lovely kidney stoned i've not held the camera in a couple of days! ha!

    the girls cannot wait to see the new chipmunk movie. i don't know if we go to the theater or just wait till it comes out on dvd.

  7. fun fun week. Daddy was willing to go under the clippers? daring daring man.

  8. Great job. I love your collage pictures. :)

  9. Welcome to Project 365...

    I love the way you post your pictures! Would you mind sharing how you create the collages?

    I especially love the tea party pictures!

  10. Way to go!
    I've cut hubby's hair for nigh 40 years!
    Good idea to start the year with lovely toe nails! ;)


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