Thursday, December 3, 2009

The secret to Window Shopping

"Oh! Mom, look at this!"
"Mom, can I get this?" 
{repeat-multiple times}

After many near mental break-downs
{on my part},
I finally figured it out.

Window shopping....

wait for it...

wait for it...

with Mama's cell phone camera!!
{that would explain the quality of the pix. sorry.}

On a whim, I gave it a try.
Once I took a picture of the girls with their most cherished items,
they put it back on the rack with little to no tears.
I could almost hear the theme song to Good Times!
 {remember that show?}

Just for the record, I know this will more-than-likely not last,
but I'm ridin' this wave as far as it will take me. ;)

Honestly, what mama girl could resist lil' clothes from Target or Diva-licious items from Hobby Lobby?
I wanted to buy them everything they touched.

But alas, we must buy them food, shelter and...

dance recital gear!

The dance studio shows little compassion for the parents.
Do they not realize we have 5 costumes to
right after Christmas
and right before both of these girl's birthdays begin
the end of January??


I'm thinking we may just wrap the costumes for birthday presents.
{if the costumes are not here, a picture of the costume must do}




  1. I remember that will my kids sports. And when they weren't asking us to buy a uniform, etc, they were asking us to do one more fundraiser!!! So glad, those days are over!!!

    but I loved, loved the idea of the window shopping and the pics were fantastic and fun!!!

  2. I always love your pics! Window shopping maybe one of your best ideas yet... hope that wave lasts a long time for ya! :)

  3. I know that boys can like shopping too....but it's nice to feel like I can sit on the sidelines of this one and just *sigh*....
    if only I liked to window shop....haha.

  4. wow! 5 costumes! I like to give my kids things that I would have to get them anyway---like new ballet shoes for a birthday or snowpants, underware, bed spread. Is that cruel? I did Piano lessons for my daughter this fall.

  5. i love those little aprons! SO cute! especially the one that says diva in training!!

    Sarah & Audrey love shopping. LOVE it! all i hear is can i get this??? what about this its only $$$


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