Friday, December 4, 2009

Let It Snow

It happened once last year.
We were on cloud 9!
When heat indexes reach 110 degrees throughout the year,
you never {ever} expect it.

I'm sure the forecast predicted a percentage of snow,
but unlike Nator, I didn't pay much attention to it.
It began raining.
Jumping up and down, Nator squealed with delight.
I tried to remain positive but told her not to be too disappointed
if it didn't turn to snow.

Moments later...

{I think I may have some future weather girls on my hands}

We canceled our school plans and bundled up good.
I had to use an umbrella to keep the camera dry best I could...
Snow was coming at me from all directions and the Nikon fell victim to a few hits.
You know, with all those snowballs that were being plunged at me.

Jasmine had the right idea.
Although, I may have to share one of her videos.
Unfortunately, I didn't have it rollin' when she first went outside.
{have you ever seen a cat try to walk with something stuck on their feet?
yeah, it was something like that} 
Funny stuff.


Snow Angels. 
Catching snow with our tongues.
Frozen fingers and toes.
Laughs and Giggles.


It must have snowed 4-5 hours, off and on...
Much of it watched from the warmth of home.
But that was enough for us... for now.

We ran inside
and I gave the girls a warm lavender bath to defrost.
{I bought my soap at Target... yummy stuff.}

We curled up...


Defrosted our digits...


Watched Charlie Brown's Christmas, Elf...



We ate. them. all.
Don't judge.

{Sorry, Hun.  We'll have to make more when you get home.}

I'm off to get some shut-eye.
Gotta pick up hubs from the airport early in the morn!
He's been in WA all week.

He'll be back just in time for my birthday.



  1. Elf is our very favorite Christmas movie. One of these days when i am feeling hysterically crazy I have promised the kids a "buddy dinner". You know, pasta with maple syrup, m&ms, jawbreakers, and ground up chocolate poptarts and a whole liter of coke.

  2. I LOVE it!! I wish snow were a rarity for us, but is not. Glad you were able to enjoy it!
    Enjoy your birthday with the hubs :)

  3. I heard it snowed where I grew up in Texas today! How fun for your girls!!! Looks like they had a great time and I think they just might have a career in weather forecasting someday! *wink* Your cookies look yummy! :)

  4. Oh fun...I love the first snow. We had one day of snow in October-almost 2 inches. Unusually early and now its kinda been warm for December. My hubs and daughter want to ski at a nearby resort over Christmas so Im hoping we see some. Course come March I will be so over it but for now it would be fun to see a bit.

    I made cookies last week to take to an event. I sent every last one of the extras to my husbands office because had I not I would have eaten every last one. I don't have my girls home yet to share the calories with : )

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I remember being so excited for the snow....till I lived up north for 8 years!!! This southern girl is still not over that! But the best thing about snowing in the south is that it melts by the next day!!

    great pictures!!!

  6. What a fun day!!

    I love the first picture where you wrote FAMILY in the snow!

    Fun, fun!!

  7. No snow for us in the Detroit area. YIPPEE!! There's plenty more time for that. What a fun day you girls had. Hopw you have a great birthday!!

  8. Don't you just LOVE snow??
    I see the girls do too.
    What great pics. You'll have those memories forever!

  9. Snowed here too. What a great night!

  10. Great pics! Looks like your girls loved the snow. Very fun!!!

  11. YEAH! Looks like you had a fun day playing in the snow.

  12. they were calling for snow here BUT all we got was rain {sigh} maybe we'll get a little snow before spring.

    we watched elf last of my favorite Christmas movies!!!

  13. great pics! sounds like a perfect day! great memories, i'm sure. we are getting snow this week, but it's not as exciting in Wisconsin.


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