Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick lessons learned from 'Down the Bayou'

Family is more important than a magic show.” A-Nator
The girls worked all summer on their reading club and part of the reward was a big magic show they look forward to attending each year. Going to Granny’s house for their annual visit was a higher priority. Good choice, girls.

You can have a good day even on your worst day.” Gracie
How dare Granny not pull out the trundle bed in her room… where she was sleeping alone? How much space does a girl need anyway? Oh, the life of a princess. Haha... Oh, and no worries, Granny. Gracie has ‘the worst day of her life’ at home sometimes too.

I learned how to put clothes on a stuffed bear.” Gracie
She received a Build-a-Bear kit, had to put it together (or did Granny?), dressed it and we welcomed Sally into the family of dust collectors stuffed animals.

A little bit of French.” A-Nator
Is this what she was talking about?

(nice freeze frame there, mr. blogger)

Let's see. I learned…

My girls really love care packages… and according to Granny, can get equally excited over a package of razors (because we forgot to pack them) as they do new Webkinz.

My girls look like Hoops & Yoyo when excited… See?

Breaks are nice, but it's good to have them back home... even if I didn't get my whole "to-do" list done. I set my bar too high anyway.

There's more, but I'll stop here. My girls are home and they are rising to call me blessed want breakfast.


  1. Looks like they had a great time! Welcome home girls!

  2. That is funny! What is she saying, exactly?

  3. So cute...Love the French...if only my cajun grandaddy were still alive to translate for me. :)

    Hey I got your email and sent you a reply and I also resent the one with my address too.

  4. So cute! It is always good to have them back, isn't it?!?!

  5. "Sit down, booger." Nice, huh? :)


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