Sunday, August 2, 2009

Part II of 100 things *updated 1/11

  1. Lets see… I’m hoping to not completely bore you with the 2nd half of my 100 things list.
  2. I stay up entirely too late… especially when hubby is out of town.
  3. When I was little, I loved roller skating every Friday night.
  4. Enjoy most movies inspired by true stories.
  5. Love road trips with my hubby. We catch up on a lot of great conversation. Captive audience. ;)
  6. I'm not big on having a lot of objects to dust knick-knacks, but I really like the Willow Tree collection.
  7. I love taking ‘portraits’ of my girls every year but refuse to call myself a professional. That would throw me into a higher level of expectation. :)
  8. When I was younger, the most “worldly” music I listened to was Wilson Phillips. I know, right? Gasp! This is so funny to me now.
  9. As a teen, I liked Kim Boyce. 
  10. I met her about 5 yrs ago when we took a trip to Branson, MO.
  11. I'm usually the last one to finish eating. I refuse to believe I eat slow… everyone else just doesn’t chew enough. ;)
  12. I'm a terrible bowler, but I'm a pro at Wii bowling. I like the Wii.
  13. I have a hard time picking a favorite color, flower, etc. However, I do enjoy shades of green, red, pink, blue... You see my dilemma?
  14. I'm not big into sports, but I enjoy attending a good baseball game.
  15. I'm not a phone person... never have been. Now, my hubby on the other hand… Well, this isn’t about him, is it? ;)
  16. I have a fear of being in murky water with critters. Shivers!! ­ 
  17. That’s why I do NOT like canoes!! They flip too easily... not that DK and I would know anything about that.
  18. Snorkeling I enjoy, but I have to consciously decide to keep the ‘critters’ out of my mind.
  19. Love a good Smoothie King.
  20. I weighed 55lbs heavier before I started getting serious about health. I put a few of those pounds back on in the last few yrs which I am now working on.
  21. I do not like stick shifts! Automatic for me please.
  22. I'm great at putting together a schedule, but not the best at following it.
  23. Love French pedicures...
  24. but always feel guilty spending the money. 
  25. Body massages on the other hand = heavenly. Way overdue!!
  26. Before I had kids, I had no idea (as much as people told me) how much being a mom would change me. I also had no idea how much I could love such a little person.
  27. I'm trying to eliminate the word "like" from my vocabulary. Like it's a bad habit I picked up from a friend I met like a couple years ago. {She is an intelligent girl.}  I cringe when I hear others (and myself) use it. It's MUCH better now.
  28. I was always asked to sing the Star Spangled Banner a cappella at high school functions.
  29. I have a low range for a girl which always made that nerve-racking... if I didn't start in the right key!
  30. I haven't sung since Dec-08 at a church and now wonder if I remember how? :)
  31. I answered phones at Domino's Pizza while in high school.
  32. Natural medicine is my first choice. {Unfortunately, I don't think that's included in Obama's health plan.} ;)
  33. I barely eat meat. I'm a part-time vegetarian!
  34. People who text while driving = pet peeve!
  35. I love painted walls (unless you’re going for that whole white/off-white décor).
  36. I had braces... 
  37. twice. 
  38. I like browsing through Whole Foods grocery stores.
  39. I love a good rain... 
  40. so long as it doesn't get out of control and I can stay indoors.
  41. We like to collect change for UNICEF instead of candy for Halloween.
  42. I have a mild phobia of escalators, driving over bridges, elevators and airplanes.
  43. I once totaled my car getting stuck in water after a heavy rain. 
  44. In my defense, a car my size just drove through it with no problems!!
  45. I have a fluffy, white robe that I wear year round that is at least 2-3 sizes too big. I look like a Michelin woman, but it’s oh- so-comfy! 
  46. Stacy and Clinton would not approve.
  47. I can be a bit of a hermit.
  48. I appreciate people who make eye contact while conversing.
  49. I'm really not competitive.
  50. I love it when a gentleman opens the door for a lady.
Did you make it all the way through till the end?  If so, you're a true bloggy friend. ;)

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  1. Count me in please!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  2. I made it to the end....Yep, read the whole thing and I'm amazed at how much I relate to you! I wish we lived close, so I could take you to Starbucks and we could chit chat awhile. If you're ever coming to the North West let me know and we can hook up. :)

  3. oh wow, we are sooo much alike!! However that changed when you got to "bit of a hermit" and "not competitive".....ha!

  4. I always stay up very late when my husband isn't here. It's silly, but I do it anyway!

  5. Ok, way too much alike, way too creepy. I guess that's why I am drawn to your blog.

    I love a good blog giveaway!


  6. I read the whole thing~ LOL. I enjoy your posts keep em coming!

  7. Whoa ... that's a lot of information. Kim Boyce, huh?

    I, too love staying up late and Smoothie King.

  8. I have a fear of elevators. I used to make sure that I had snacks and drinks for my kids when we went somewhere that required us to use one. I didn't wanna get stuck w/o food for my babies. I still do the same. :)

  9. I love Yankee Candles! Thanks for the chance and for coming up with so many things!

  10. Loved reading this, H-mama! And now I feel like I know you a little better...

    I, too, really dislike talking on the phone. I avoid it at all costs. That's what email is for, right???

    I had braces right up to my wedding too! My orthodontist PROMISED they would be off...but when it came down to it, my teeth were just not quite ready. He saw how upset I was, and so....he popped them all off for me, I got married, and then when I came back, he put them back on. Sweet, huh??

    Love rain. Love fall. I'm a little bit of a hermit too. I think we'd get along just fine in real life. :)

    Oh, really totalled your car in a rain puddle? Poor thing! Who would have guessed, if that other had just driven right through?!


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