Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fave's

  • DK’s return flights home. He's headed to the airport as I type this. Yay!! I miss DK when he’s gone. I just don’t sleep well while he’s away, but I worry less now that Jasmine is right next to our side. DK missed all the fun of 2 lil’ girls who had a stomach bug this time. One of which left a huge impression on my living room carpet. As soon as hubby returns, I’m off to the store to remedy that. Honestly, I didn’t really care about the carpet, our clothes, daddy’s chair… or everything on our way to the bathtub. I just wanted her to be better. 24 hrs later, she was. I don’t care to ever see (or smell) red grapes (among other things) in that form again. Sorry. Just keepin’ it real.
  • Multiple Laptops. Somehow we’ve been blessed to have 3 in our home (not counting DK’s work laptop). Sometimes I just get tickled when I take a step back… all 3 of us gals sharing a room, each on our own laptop. It’s not quite the childhood I remember. ;) I’m glad A-Nator likes them. Her schoolwork will require more computer time this year.

They love their protein shakes, but it makes them cold. ;)
(Ok... Blogger is driving me crazy with their spacing! It's spazzin'!)

  • This web radio is keeping me company while I catch up on a few things.
  • They sell an array of items but only one item each day… at a reasonable price. Hubby recently ordered a flip video recorder for me. Unfortunately, it got ‘lost’. Maybe someone swiped it from our doorstep before we returned from being out of town. Boo… At least Woot refunded our money. 
  •  And the ability to change things in the account at a moment’s notice when say your 9 year old adds things to the account that add misc charges.
“Did you add something to our account?”
Breathing and facial expressions change, “Ummmm…”
“Did you add blue-ray?”
“I think so.”
“Did you know that they were going to add a charge to our account for it?”
“Well, why did you do that knowing that we don’t have blue-ray?”
"I don't know."


  1. Red grapes, huh? That's why I stick with green. They tend to blend in with beige carpet. :) I always here people talk about Pandora, I must try it sometime.

  2. Your family is so cute!! I love your blog. Glad the girls are feeling better!

  3. oh, so sorry to hear about the stomach bug...and that your hubby missed it all! how convenient!

    amen to multiple laptops!!! as long as they don't get vomitted on, all is well!

  4. First of all, love your header for this meme. Makes me want to do one, too.
    What kind of protein shakes do you all drink? I'm curious about why your girls drink them. Fun post, all 'round, H-Mama.

  5. You always make me laugh! I love reading your posts!!! I'm curious as to what kind of protein shakes y'all drink also.

    As for the some is awesome on carpet stains! I have gotten blood and tar out of the carpet with it! On most stains you don't even have to scrub...just spray and wipe it clean. Tar on the other hand takes a little scrubbing, but that's understandable. Seriously, you will be amazed at how easy it is to wipe up stains with it.


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