Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho... It's off to dance we go!

First stop, the library.
Gracie asks, "Mom, did they have libraries when you were little?"
I remember a big room full of books.
No entertainment to speak of.
No computer to help me easily find a book. No, Ma'am.
I mostly remember the mega index card dresser!
It was quite intimidating...
As well as the dinosaurs I could see through the windows...
according to my girls. ;)

Now, off to our summer dance class!
This is Gracie's second round of Ballet/Tap. She was soooo excited!

A-Nator was equally as excited!
This is her very first experience.

We LOVED their new teacher.

This cracked me up.
A-Nator was simply asked to hold her hand up
to give a visual for the spinning girls.
After the first girl, she says,
"My hand's already gettin' tired."
Apparently, her hand was really heavy.
The second ballerina is Gracie. :)

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  1. Ahhh ... dance. So glad we're done with that. We're soccer fiends now.

    Your girls are super cute.


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