Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 items or less...

What are those things we can live without, but make life much easier?
It's the little things...

My digital camera!
Okay, so it's not the cheapest thing on the list,
but even my Kodak Easy Share was better than
my film camera!
I still have a large zip-lock bag full of film...
in my fridge begging to be developed.
Without the luxary of the digital pre-view,
there's no telling what lil' treasures are awaiting us.

The Magic Bullet.
We use this lil' handy device for our whey protein shakes
just about everyday!
I'll share the shake with you one day... love them!
They are sweetened with Stevia.
Convenient. Healthy. Good.

The hair flat iron.
I desperately needed to be introduced to this device in the late 80's, early 90's.

The universal remote.
I love having everything on one remote,
but worry I can't work ours if something would ever happen to DK.
It has to be programmed via computer.

The Swiffer Vac.
I bought this after we adopted our dog a year ago.
Having pet hair in the house again after being pet-less for years?
Not fun.
So, after wiping the floor 3 times a day,
this handy device has saved my hands & knees.
Cat Pan Liners.
Okay, so this one helps with one of my many dirty jobs.
It has changed the way I do litter...
for this crazy cat of ours.
Never again do I 'scoop' litter. I simply just throw it all away!

The Pumice Stone.
I use this at the end of every shower on my feet.
It's been years since my last pedi.
I always have a hard time spending $30 for something I can do myself.
Well, I do miss the french pedicure! I haven't mastered that... yet.

My Computer.
Okay, so Macs are cool. If I could own one, I probably would. However, my girls get my hand-me-downs... and they need a PC for their online schoolwork. Having said that, I'm thankful for the conveniences this lil' device bring us.

My TomTom.
Or I call it my 'PatPat', because Tom implies a masculine tone...
yet my TomTom has a female voice.
This has bought me a lil' freedom. Living near the big city can be quite intimidating.
Especially for someone like me who can get lost in the small city. ;)
I asked my girls to make a contribution to the list and this is what they came up with?
I thought they would have said their leapsters, the Wii??
Nope, it's the toaster.... For their waffles.

Ok, seriously. This is really my 10th item. I love these clips! They come in really handy living with a 7 and 9 yr old who haven't mastered the art of twist ties. We use them on our cereal bags, bread, chips, you name it! You can get them with Pampered Chef, of course, but mine came from Ikea. Love that store.

What does your Easy Button look like?


  1. Oh how funny! I have film in a ziplock too!!!

  2. I love those pampered chef clips, you just reminded me I need more. Great list, I wish I had a lap top so I could carry my friends around with me or an Iphone :)

  3. I used to always have rolls of film waiting to be developed and then finally about 4 years ago I had several rolls developed and it was're right...they were all treasures!

    I love my Magic Bullet and I can't wait to see your recipe for protein shake.

    I also love my Canon Rebel xsi camera and hope I never have to do without it!

    Love the GPS...I have no sense of direction whatsoever!

    I've never seen those clips! I always use clothes pins, but I will have to look for those.

    Of course I LOVE my computer too!

    Drawstring Catpan Liners? What? Where do you get those? I am way out of the loop here! Seriously...I must find these...NOW!

  4. I love my clips, too! My computer and cell phone would be on my top ten list as well. I think I would put naps on there as well.

  5. Gotta love those clips. :)

    The cat pan liners.... I buy mine at Target or Walmart. Gotta love the convenience they bring. Well, as convenient as a litter box can get anyway. ;)

    Oh, Cell Phone! That should have made the list for sure! Some things are so common here in the ol' USA, they are just assumed... like the A/C, the car... and now, the cell. :)


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