Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tastes like Chicken

You see the purple spot in the pet's water bowl? Well, that's a little game our Bella has been playing with me for some time now. She finds a Polly Pocket dress, paper, straw, you name it... and puts it in the water bowl. She will sometimes fish it out herself... evidenced by the huge amount of water surrounding the bowl. If not, well...

Mama: "Oh, I guess Mommy gets to do some dirty work this morning."
A-Nator: "Mommy, you always get all the dirty work."

Hmmmm... just as long as we're clear on that.

Mama: “What do you want for breakfast?”
A-Nator: (looks at the cat) “Too bad we can’t eat Bella for breakfast.”
Mama: “Ewe.”
A-Nator: “What? If we take off her fur and cook her?”
Mama: “Bleh!”
A-Nator: “What? Why did you say ‘Bleh’? If she tastes like chicken, it wouldn’t be bad.”

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  1. Wow Cat for Breakfast would not be my pick...I am with ya ewwwwww. That is funny the dog puts stuff in her dish.


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